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RoboMate - The New "Universal" Loader for ANCA Tool Grinders

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One of ANCA’s groundbreaking new products on show at EMO 2011 will be the RoboMate Loader. The RoboMate Loader is a standardised automation system for use on the ANCA TX7, MX7 and RX7 CNC tool grinders. Not only will the RoboMate increase output with full robot automation, it will also reduce training with its commonality across the ANCA range.

Standardised Automation


This is ANCA’s most significant automation system release yet. The RoboMate Loader enables an operator to be trained on a single automation system regardless of which ANCA machine it is fitted to. This means new staff can be trained faster and existing staff can use the automation system on each ANCA machine after being taught one product – the RoboMate. Specialist knowledge loss due to employee absence can then become less of an issue.

Pallets and tooling (such as handling grippers) for RoboMate are interchangeable so you can use them on any RoboMate equiped ANCA MX7, TX7 or RX7. If you have multiple ANCA machines this means savings can be made in the number of parts required and ensures spares are always available.

Reliable Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot


The RoboMate Loader uses a Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot. ANCA have been using Fanuc robots for many years for special loading applications due to their proven reliability. The Fanuc robot is fully programmable and integrated into the ANCA CNC machine with the ANCA RoboMate software.

Flexible Software that Eliminates Complex Robot Programming


Loading parameters; such as tool pick-up height, or collet insertion depth, are controlled by the RoboMate software. The software also provides the flexibility of having multiple tool types within a pallet. Separate iGrind grinding files can be associated with every tool type within a pallet. This facilitates different tool types and operations within one pallet or loader set-up.

High Capacity in a Small Footprint


ANCA's machines have always been compact for their power and capacity.  We have now extended that design philosophy to the loader.  RoboMate comes standard with 2 pallets but can be upgraded to a 4 pallet option with no increase in footprint size. The pallets offer very high capacity with both 2 and 4 pallet versions providing many hours of unattended machine operation.

The RoboMate Loader benefits from the ANCA tool grinder features it is combined with to ensure high precision volume manufacturing. Tool grinders such as the MX7 can include automatic wheel white sticking to keep your wheel free cutting over an entire production run, and software options such as CTV and SPC which monitor the machine and process to ensure tools remain within desired tolerances.

Specifications on the RoboMate are listed below. Visit EMO 2011 to see the RoboMate in action or contact to find out more about the latest in standardised automation.



Technical specifications

• Length   2379mm (94")
• Width     722mm (28")
• Height   1865mm (73")

• Min tool diameter = Ø3mm (0.118")
• Max tool diameter:
          MX7 – 25mm (1”)
          RX7 – 25mm (1”)
          TX7 – 32mm (1 ¼”)
• Max tool head diameter = Ø32mm (1.26")
• Max tool length = 300mm (12.0")
• Max weight = 1.5kg (3.3 lbs)
• Loading time is 15 sec
  (door open to door close)
• Loader capacity (refer to tables below):

  Total Loader Tool Capacity
Tool Shank Diameter (mm) 2 Pallet Loader 4 Pallet Loader
3 840 2520
6 520 1560
8 374 1122
10 285 855
12 221 663
16 154 462
20 96 288
25 63 189


  Total Loader Tool Capacity
Tool Shank Diameter (inches) 2 Pallet Loader 4 Pallet Loader
1/16" 1092 3276
1/8" 782 2346
1/4" 500 1500
3/8" 300 900
1/2" 208 624
5/8" 154 462
3/4" 108 324
1" 63 189


17 September 2011