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AIMS is your future for optimised cutting tool production, delivering a holistic solution for your end to end tool manufacturing challenges.

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SCHUNK Präzisionswerkzeuge set the trend for automated mixed batch...

Regrinding with mixed batches of tools has been practiced, at Schunk for more than 20 years, and the employees are used to the flexibility of the chaotic system. For the owners it translates into...

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The popular ANCA FX5 gets a power-boost with a new 12kW grinding...

The FX5, with the new 12kW spindle delivers increased productivity up to a diameter of 10mm. At 19kW, the new high-powered spindle option can enhance productivity further for tools up to 12mm and...

IMTS Spark

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With the installation of the production and machine monitoring software Redax, we have expanded the possibilities of data analysis more than ever. Thanks to this excellent software, we are able to track our production planning more accurately.

Tarık Öztürk
Turcar, Production Manager

ANCA CNC grinders have allowed us to push the envelope of perfection and we are truly only limited by our imagination. The entrants in ANCA’s Tool of the Year contest are wonderful evidence of what we can come up with.

Alfred Lyon
AB Tools, Cutting Tool Supervisor

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