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Industry first competition is back this year with the 2019 winner to be announced live at EMO!

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Did the origins of the Smart Factory begin with Punch Manufacturers?

Punch tool grinding has enjoyed and era of progressive improvements over the past couple of decades, delivering significant changes to productivity and flexibility. Today, punch manufacturers have...

The future of toolmaking is closer than it appears. Are you ready?

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How cutting toolmakers can approach zero-waste manufacturing...

Zero waste is a whole-of-business approach that starts with where you source your materials and ends long after the product has left your warehouse. Although true ‘zero waste’ is not completely...

EMO 2019, Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

ANCA's new Blank Preparation Grinder

The CPX Linear for grinding tool blanks complements ANCA’s full machine range.

What our customers are saying

With the installation of the production and machine monitoring software Redax, we have expanded the possibilities of data analysis more than ever. Thanks to this excellent software, we are able to track our production planning more accurately.

Tarık Öztürk
Turcar, Production Manager

ANCA CNC grinders have allowed us to push the envelope of perfection and we are truly only limited by our imagination. The entrants in ANCA’s Tool of the Year contest are wonderful evidence of what we can come up with.

Alfred Lyon
AB Tools, Cutting Tool Supervisor

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