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LinX linear motor technology

on X, Y and Z axes

In-process dressing

with acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS) and supervised machine learning algorithm 

Motor temperature control

minimises machine warmup time, and delivers optimal thermal stability during grinding

GCX Linear: Gear up for skiving

Gear power skiving is revolutionising the gear manufacturing process, it is 5~10 times more efficient than shaping, more flexible than broaching, can produce both internal gear and external gear. In 2019, there are twice as many companies looking to invest in new skiving equipment than in 2018. The rising popularity of skiving has caused a surge in demand for skiving cutters. Responding to the market, ANCA brings a complete solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters as part of a comprehensive gear cutting tool package.

The GCX Linear will set the new benchmark for skiving cutter grinding. Adapted from ANCA’s proven top-of-the-range CNC grinder platform, the GCX Linear adds tailored features to finish all operations for skiving cutters and shaper cutters in a single setup.

GCX Linear

  • Product Details
    MTC is a patent pending innovation built into the motor spindle drive firmware. Smart control algorithm actively manages and maintains the temperature of motorised spindles in the GCX Linear.   Benefits delivered by this feature include:
    • Dramatically reduced machine warmup time, meaning you can start grinding tools sooner, knowing the machine has reached thermal stability. This improves productivity and machine utilisation.
    • Consistent thermal stability of the spindle over time regardless of changes in spindle load or speed, or spindle cooling coolant temperature. This greatly improves dimensional stability of grinding results.
    Dressing the complex wheel profile is critical, ANCA developed the latest acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS). AEMS can be taught to pick up the right sound of perfect dressing in noisy production environment.  Built upon supervised machine learning algorithm, AEMS ensures the wheel profile is dressed within micron accuracy with the least possible time while minimising the reduction in size.
    Large disk type skiving cutters and shaper cutters require higher headstock accuracy, as the impact of A-axis positional error will linearly increase with diameter. This option improves the A-axis accuracy by a factor of 10. The positional accuracy is now ±0.00034 degrees.
    The GCX Linear software package includes multiple software components for manufacturing and resharpening pinion type gear cutters. It includes design, simulation, grinding sequence programming, wheel editing and wheel dressing, supporting full virtualisation of the manufacturing process.

    Gear cutting tools, such as skiving and shaper cutters have complex geometries. The design process relies largely on iterative optimisation. Using the design station, the cutter can be designed from basic gear workpiece data or the transverse section of the enveloping gear. The skiving kinematics can also be simulated to verify the cutter design and potential collision rectified.

    Virtualisation of the full manufacturing process reduces setup time and scrap allowing streamlined manufacturing. Software modules include:
    • Specialised import wizard - guides the user through the process of creating the wheel packs and setup grinding points.
    • iGrind software – provides dedicated flank index generation grinding operation, supports both stepped and conical rake face as well as fluting, cylindrical grinding, step geometry editing operations and more.
    • CIMulator3D - simulate the grinding process and analyse the parameters of each operation.
    • Dresser software - supports standard and formed dresser roll, visualise the dressing process with errors over 1μm highlighted.
    • Tool file management – take your saved tool file straight to the machine or upload to the tool library.
    To ensure the design and calculation of skiving and pinion type cutters reach unparalleled levels of excellence, ANCA relies on esco's sophisticated PTM software. esco is a software company that specialises in mathematical solutions for process kinematics to produce threads and threading tools, gears and gear cutting tools like hobs, shaper- and skiving cutters. PTM offers comprehensive process simulation, tool design, and manufacturing simulation, ensuring the documented quality of tools and workpieces.

    Once the gear cutter is designed in esco's PTM, the grinding path and grinding wheel shape are seamlessly exported to ANCA’s iGrind software. This integration empowers operators with the ability to effortlessly set up the grinding program and initiate the grinding process. Additionally, the grinding path compensation, utilising ANCA’s Integrated Gear Tool Measurement, takes place on the shop floor, ensuring optimal precision and repeatability. The workpiece data is saved and can be effortlessly reproduced whenever required.

    Integrated gear tool measurement system

  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Bi-symmetrical gantry
    Spindle Power 37 kW (49 HP) peak 15 kW (25 HP) S1
    Wheel Packs 2 x Ø 203 mm (8”) max
    Tool (shank) Diameter Up to 260 mm (tool diameter)
    Loader Type RoboMate (option)
    Max. Tool Capacity (with loader) Shank Diam 2 Pallet 4 Pallet 12mm 120 360 20mm 40 120 *Depends on the head size, the capacity will vary
    Drive System X, Y and Z axis – LinX linear motor, A & C axis – direct drive motor
    Dimensions 2561 mm (100.8”) W 1500 mm (59”) D 2272 mm (89.4”) H *with RoboMate 2260 mm (89”) D*
    CNC Details ANCA AMC5, EtherCAT, high performance CNC, 8GB RAM, H/D 64GB SSD, Processor i7, Windows 8
    Machine Colours RAL 7035 / RAL 5008

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