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ANCA eSpark generator

Double ended

HSK erode/grind spindle

Intelligent Adaptive Control (IAC)

adjusts EDGe feedrate and gap for optimum erosion speeds and tool surface finish

EDGe: The cutting edge in PCD tool manufacture

The EDGe gives you the flexibility to erode PCD tools, and grind carbide and HSS tools in one setup. It enables you to be competitive in the growing market of PCD tools required for CFRP composites, aluminium alloys, wood and other materials used in a wide range of industries. With its double ended wheel spindle, the EDGe is suitable for both the complete manufacture and resharpening of all tool types. ANCA’s user-friendly and flexible software, and the latest in erosion technology, has been applied to meet the exacting requirements needed for the manufacture of PCD tools.


  • Product Details
    ANCA’s proprietary eSpark generator and the latest generation AM5X CNC control system automatically adjusts erosion conditions depending on material type (varying grades of PCD or carbide) and desired feedrate.  This ensures optimal outcomes in terms of cycle time and eroded surface finish.
    Shear or spiral milling cutters and drills, reamers, compression routers, roughing mills, saw blades, profile tools, veined spiral drills & endmills, multi-step cutters, countersinks.
    For lights out production of your PCD tools, the Fastload tool loading system is simple to set up and, being inside the base machine, does not increase the machine's overall footprint. 
  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Single Column
    Spindle Power 8 kW (10 HP) peak 3.7 kW (5HP) S1
    Wheel Packs 2
    Tool (shank) Diameter 32 mm
    Tool Length (Max) - flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable) 275 mm
    Loader Type FastLoad
    Max. Tool Capacity (with loader) 156 x Ø 6 mm 68 x Ø 12 mm
    Drive System Ballscrew
    Dimensions 2160 mm (85”) W 1530 mm (60”) D 1990 mm (78”) H
    CNC Details ANCA Motion AMC5 CNC with Intel i7 core processor, 64GB SSD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, EtherCAT and USB connectivity
    Machine Colours RAL 7035 / RAL 5008


From endmills to punches, taps and PCD tools, ANCA has the machine that meets all your application needs. Learn how ANCA can help you grind the perfect tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What dialectrics are suitable for erosion on the EDGe?
Blaser HC5 is ANCA’s first recommendation for erosion fluid. It produces fastest erosion rates and has a satisfactory flash point to minimise fire risk. Blaser EDM5 also can be used on EDGe, but will produce slower (~10%) erosion rates. The only reason people might choose this over HC5 is that its flash point is slightly higher.
How do I create grinding programs for parts other than cutting tools?
Using ANCA’s ANCam post processor, grinding moves on 3D models can be programmed in Siemens NX and then be transferred directly into ANCA grinding machines and also be visualised in ANCA’s CIMulator3D.

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