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EDG3: Optimised cycle time and surface finish 

The EDG3 is ANCA’s new highly capable, low-cost solution for PCD, carbide (HM) and HSS tool manufacture and resharpening. Optimised for micro to large PCD drills, endmills and profile tools, the ANCA EDG3 is a highly versatile platform with an integrated direct-driven dual erosion and grinding spindle, allowing for supreme flexibility.

Featuring the all new ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator for control of the EDG (Electro Discharge Grinding) process, the EDG3 delivers unsurpassed cycle time and surface finish results on even the hardest materials.

With the all new ANCA ToolRoom suite of dedicated PCD erosion software, including ballnose, corner radius, drill and profile cycles, the ANCA EDG3 delivers outstanding value for PCD tool manufacturing.    
  • Product Details
    PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) tools are created using diamond as the main cutting substrate. This can be in the form of traditional brazed inserts along the cutting edge, or more recently, veined, chevron or full PCD round tooling. Owing to its extreme hardness, PCD tools are well suited to high wear applications in cutting non-ferrous materials, including aluminum alloys, plastic and metal composites (CFRP, PRP, GRP), graphite, timber, stone and glass.  They are increasingly popular due to their much longer tool life compared to conventional cutting tools. Growth in the PCD tool market has been double that of standard carbide cutting tools over recent years, making it an outstanding opportunity for tool manufacturers looking to be active at the leading edge of cutting tool technologies
    The new ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator uses the latest best-in-class Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor power electronics for Wide-bandgap switching speeds. When compared to equivalent componentry, the mega-amp per pulse technology enables ANCA customers to broaden the power range they can access and utilize. The ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator exhibits superior performance over the range of Extra-Heavy Roughing to Ultra-Fine Finishing operations, utilizing Nano and Pico-pulse technology for high energy-density ablation.  This enables vastly superior controllability, providing our customers with optimised feedrates, superior surface quality and drastically reduced cycle times. This pulse precision allows erosion that ranges from ultra-low energy pulses for exceptional ultra-fine finishing, through to high energy pulses for fast material removal

    Cycle Time

    In the PCD erosion process, cycle time is directly related to the Material Removal Rate (MRR). The all new ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator delivers unrivalled increases in MRR utilizing the new Extra-Heavy Roughing, Super Fine Finishing and Ultra-Fine Finishing operations. What this equates to is an unsurpassed increase in MRR and a 50% decrease in cycle time compared to competitor machines - arguably the fastest cycle times in the market.


    Surface Finish

    Erosion surface quality also sees an improvement across all power modes. Surface finishes of < 0.1Ra can be achieved using the newly release “Ultra-Fine Finishing” with Pico-pulse technology. These operations enable the production of superior cutting edges necessary for the most demanding of cutting tool applications.

    Servo Control System ANCA Motion AMD5x with EtherCAT connectivity
    Erosion Generator Details

    2020 ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator with AMD5x
    Servo Control and EtherCAT connectivity
    Pico-pulse Technology
    Adaptive Spark Control (ASC)
    Intelligent Adaptive Control (IAC)

    The ANCA EDG3 contains many new and novel approaches to increase the performance of the erosion process. Utilizing the AMD5x EtherCAT servo system, the machine and generator have not only been co-developed, they are also synchronized, enabling a real time and adaptable erosion processes. This allows the AMD5x and CNC system to intelligently monitor and optimise the erosion in-process, increasing tool quality while reducing cycle times. Unlike our competitors, the ANCA EDG3 is able to enhance the closed-loop processes by modifying the CNC kernel in real-time, extending the closeness and adaptability of the intelligent erosion controls.


    Adaptive Spark Control (ASC)

    Adaptive Spark Control (ASC) is a high-speed feature that automatically monitors and adapts the energy level of every spark based on the substrate it is eroding (PCD, carbide or HSS). By adapting the erosion process in real time, ASC optimises the process leading to less cobalt leaching and a reduction in undercut at the PCD-carbide border.  This leads to a stronger cutting edge and a finished tool that is less prone to chipping. This helps achieve longer tool life, less tool wear and lower tooling costs.

    Intelligent Adaptative Control (IAC)

    Intelligent Adaptive Control (IAC) is an in-time, servo-controlled feature that automatically monitors and control the erosion gap distance in-process. IAC adjusts and maintains the optimum spark gap distance which is very important when eroding 3D geometries such as PCD flutes and gashes on drills and endmills. With geometry changing in up to 5-axes at once, IAC automatically adjusts the gap distance and machine feedrate to optimise the erosion speed and surface finish. This automatically results in increased feedrates, minimum thermal damage, superior surface finish, increased MRR and decreased cycle time.
    Diversity in capabilities is a key strength of the EDG3.  Building on ANCA’s heritage of market leading application software for rotary cutting tools, the EDG3 application software ensures it is equipped to tackle the wide and varied range of PCD, carbide and HSS tools used across all industries. 

    With a market leading pedigree in PCD drills and endmills, the ANCA EDG3 is optimised for creating complex fluted and shear tooling with ease. Incorporating ANCA’s well known ToolRoom suite of software, the ANCA EDG3 is well equipped to the whole range of tooling. From stepped reamers for automotive, twist drills for aerospace, multi-insert routers for wood working or profile routers and micro drills for the 3C industry, the EDG3 software equips you for all likely challenges.

    Dual function erosion and grinding

    EDG3 has the flexibility to perform both erosion and grinding operations in the one setup. This makes it a highly adaptable machine capable or manufacture and resharpening not only PCD tools, but also solid carbide and HSS too, meaning your business is better equipped to respond to the varying needs of your customers over time.

    X and Y Linear Scales

    For increased performance in high quality PCD, HM and HSS tooling, the ANCA EDG3 comes standard with linear scales on both the X and Y axes. A proven accessory, linear scales maintain the accuracy and repeatability of the grinding and erosion process enabling the creation of perfect tools.

    Electrode Dresser

    Micron precision in the electrode profile and runout will ensure optimal erosion processes. The integrated post mount dresser inside the EDG3 facilitates electrode dressing and is supported by simple setup with easy to use application software.

    Premier Collet System

    ANCA’s own Premier Collet System ensures micron accuracy for tool runout, with 3 different size options to handle tools up to 40mm shank diameter.

  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Single Column
    Spindle Power 9 kW (12 HP) peak 3.7 kW (5 HP) S1
    Wheel Packs 2 (1 x Erosion and Grinding, 1 x Grinding)
    Tool (shank) Diameter 32 mm (1 ¼”)
    Tool Length (Max) - flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable) 275 mm (11”)
    Loader Type FastLoad (option)
    Max. Tool Capacity (with loader) 156 x Ø6 mm (¼ ”) 68 x Ø12 mm (½ ”)
    Drive System Ballscrew
    Dimensions 2160 mm (85”) W 1530 mm (60”) D 1990 mm (78”) H
    CNC Details ANCA Motion AMC5 CNC with Intel i7 processor, 64GB SSD, 8GB DDR3 RAM EtherCAT and USB connectivity
    Machine Colours RAL 7035 / RAL 5008

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase an ANCA EDG3 over a laser machine?
Price, performance and flexibility.
  1. Laser machines are optimised for 2D (brazed) PCD cutting, similar to a Wire EDM (WEDM) machine. They are unable to ablate 3D geometries nor achieve the same surface finishes as the ANCA EDG3. They have had very limited success with small drills and endmills due to the laser beam surface area.
  2. ANCA EDG3 can erode 2D and complex 3D shapes cheaply, easily, quickly and with lower Ra than laser.
  3. Laser machines are not universal and cannot grind carbide or HSS tools.
  4. Laser machines are 3-5x more expensive than an ANCA EDG3 machine.
Why should I purchase an ANCA EDG3 over a competitor machine?
Price, cycle time, flexibility and technology.

The ANCA EDG3 machines are a highly capable erosion machine for a low initial outlay. Additionally, with the increase in performance, decrease in cycle time and increase in surface finish specification, our customers are able to purchase arguably the most technologically advanced erosion machine for the lowest initial outlay. ANCA is the only supplier of EDG erosion machines in the market that has a synchronized, adaptable, intelligent and controllable erosion process.
Why is EtherCAT so important?

Since both the CNC Servo Control System and the Erosion Generator run on the AM5x EtherCAT protocol - the CNC servo system and erosion generator are synchronized. This enables the CNC and Servo system to control and optimise the output of the generator in real time. This synchronization enables the generator and axis control to work in precise unison, allowing smart control, adaptive algorithms and in-process optimizations.
How does Intelligent Adaptative Control (IAC) speed up erosion?
By monitoring the gap distance for both 2D and 3D erosion, IAC can detect when the gap is too big and increase feedrates automatically. Additionally, it can slow down the feedrate if detects that the gap is too small to avoid short circuit pulses. Competitor machines use a fixed feedrate which is very inefficient, especially on 3D geometries.
What is “power electronics” and why is it important?
The new ANCA Motion SparX Generator has been designed and built using the latest power electronics. Power Electronics allows the creation of a high band-gap generator to achieve high current and high frequency simultaneously. This enables higher mega-amp per second Nano and Pico-pulses and far greater control of the erosion process. These combine for a much faster and controllable erosion process than conventional electronics.
What tool size range does EDG3 cover?
ANCA EDG3 is optimised for:
  1. Manufacture of drills down to 0.4mm diameter
  2. Manufacture of drills and endmills up to 12mm ( ½”)
  3. Resharpening of drills and endmills up to 25.4mm (1”)
  4. Manufacture and resharpening of saws and profile tools up to 220mm (8-¾”) diameter.
What is a 0.4mm drill used for?
ANCA EDG3 easily erodes 0.4mm solid-head PCD drills.

These drills are widely used for the 3C market for machining ceramics and PCBs.
Can I used the EDG3 for saw blades?
The ANCA EDG3 is optimised for multi-tooth sawblades up to 220mm in diameter.
The machine can conduct the grinding of the backing material and both grinding carbide teeth as well as erosion of PCD teeth.
Do copper electrodes wear out?
During the erosion process, PCD is preferentially eroded, however, some of the copper electrode is lost also. Like grinding, the wheels wear out at a much lower rate than the material being machined. The ANCA EDG3 comes with an electrode dresser as standard. This is used with the ToolRoom Dresser software to maintain the required geometry on the copper electrode - this is an automated process.
What dielectrics are suitable for erosion and grinding on EDG3?
ANCA recommends:
  1. Blaser HC5
  2. Blaser GTC7, and,
  3. Oelheld IonoGrind 165.  

These dielectrics are optimised for erosion and grinding applications.
What software is available on the EDG3?
  • Ballnose, Corner Radius and Square Endmill cycles
  • Drill and Step Drill cycles
  • Profile cycles
  • Saw blades
How long does a wheel change take?
Under 5 seconds.
Since the EDG3 machine uses a dual-ended direct drive spindle, wheel pack changes are less than 5 seconds.
Can I use both wheel packs for grinding?
If a tool requires multiple grinding wheel packs, packs can be loaded in either end of the spindle.
Both sides of the spindle can accommodate grinding wheel packs.
Can I combine grinding and erosion wheels in a wheel pack?
Wheel packs can be set up with both grinding and erosion wheels in one pack. These must be loaded into the erosion side of the spindle. It is best practice to have the erosion electrode wheels as close to the brush box as possible and using conductive wheel dividers. Due care must be taken when setting up the wheels and wheel packs.

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