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Transfer and share wheel and grinding files to and from machines from your server or between machines with ANCA’s new USB Wi-Fi Dongle

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ANCA has just released USB Wi-Fi dongle for wireless network connectivity. Once your CNC machines are networked you’ll be able to send and receive data from them from a single data management suite you can access from a computer in your production office or anywhere else you have the internet.

There are some obvious benefits of connecting your machines. You’ll improve your visibility and increase production efficiencies. With Industry 4.0, machine connectivity is required for data transfer, collection and analysis. Also in line with our focus on customer experience, ANCA sourced USB Wi-Fi Dongles are available for CPX, FX, MX and TX machines running PMK8 (Windows XP) and PMK9 (Windows 8).

Normally IT cost, disruption, difficulties and messy cables are some of the issues to be considered when connecting machines to your internal local network. These are no longer an issue now that network connectivity of your machines is made seamless with ANCA’s Plug and Play USB Wi-Fi dongle. No machine setting changes are required.

Benefits or ANCA’s USB dongle

  • Seamless plug and play
  • Do it yourself machine installation
  • No machines setting changes are required
  • Remove the hassle of machine networking
  • It bypasses the machine router
  • No messy cables to each machine
  • Lower cost compared to cables
  • Quicker to get the machines networked

Why network your machines

  • Through our Management Suite software:
    •  you can download and upload version control grinding files to its Tool Management server.
    • You can also upload qualified wheel packs and download wheel packs from its Wheel Management server.
  • Work orders can be sent to your machines from your ERP system. When the work orders are completed, ANCA’s Redax software can then automatically alert your ERP system ready to despatch to the customer.
  • Can monitor your machines through Redax to check their status like machine uptime, downtime, number of production parts manufactured, tool and batch cycle time, the Cp and Cpk values of a batch of tools, spindle load and temperature.
  • Collect machine production data for analysis via Redax to optimise your production process
  • Through Redax software you can access your machines from anywhere in the world
  • Can easily transfer and share wheel and grinding files to and from machines from your server or between machines or from your office computer.

27 May 2019