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World leading CNC grinding manufacturer, ANCA opens a sales and service technology centre in Nagoya, Japan

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ANCA has been servicing customers manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical in Japan for over 30 years. To meet a rising demand in the Japanese market and to better support and service its customers, ANCA has opened a technology centre in Nagoya. 
Pat Boland, ANCA Co-Founder said: “Our first sale in Japan was a flame cutter or profile cutter control system to Sumitmo in 1982. Since then we have installed over 300 machines. Japan is one of the key industrial and manufacturing markets globally that creates so much of the world’s technology. It is the home of many of the leading cutting tool manufacturers and it is very important that ANCA can support them locally at their head office.”

ANCA provides a complete solution to customers, designing and manufacturing almost all technology in-house. Its proven experience and engineering capabilities means the company can design bespoke solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. ANCA invests 10% of its annual turnover in research and development to continually evolve its market-leading technology and has gained worldwide recognition as a technology leader with a track record of industry firsts.
Itakura Hideaki, General Manager of ANCA Japan said: “I am very honoured to take full responsibility of all sales and service related activities in the Japanese market. This investment marks a new era and commitment for ANCA in Japan and our talented local team is excited about the future. We invite our industry peers to come and visit us in our new facility.”
“We face tough competition throughout the world, including Japan, but we have been successful because of our fantastic innovations, making it even more important that customers can understand directly how ANCA will facilitate their success into the future. Our aspiration is that we want ANCA Japan to be just like a Japanese company so customers experience working with a domestic supplier. The team of management, service, sales, administration and application experts are Japanese and can communicate the benefits of our many innovations.” 

At the ANCA technology centre customers can experience product demonstrations, have sample cutting tools ground as well as machine acceptance test grinding when required.
More than anything ANCA’s growth has been driven by a series of innovations that revolutionised the production of cutting tools and have impacted the whole of manufacturing. Our first significant innovation was the measurement of tool geometry inside the grinding machine by use of a touch probe. This technology seems basic today but in 1986 ANCA was the first to apply this technology, changing tool grinding forever. Other firsts by ANCA include in-machine measurement using a CCD camera, 3D tool simulation, tubular linear motors, redundant axes generated in the coordinate transformations, wheel balancing and many more.
Jake Farragher, General Manager of ANCA Asia said: “We understand the importance of offering customers local support. This new facility and team will enable us to showcase the flexibility and capability of our grinding machines and world leading software.”
Nagoya is centrally located and has close proximity to key industrial markets as well as established travel and port infrastructure.     

11 July 2022