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ANCA Tool of the Year

Enter now for a chance to win a trip to Australia and $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations for parts, accessories or software!

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 Terms and Conditions

1. Entrants must complete the competition form on and supply their full name, company name, email address and social media handles.
2. All entries need to be free from NDAs and must have permission from their company to enter this competition.
3. There is one entry permitted per organisation in the same branch/unit. Multiple entries from the same branch/unit will be disqualified. Each individual branch/unit submitting a tool needs to clearly state in their submission form what branch/unit they are from.

4. Participants are allowed to enter in one, or both, categories.
5. The competition is open and offered only to ANCA customers, who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry (the “Entrants”).
6. The tool must be uncoated and have been ground on an ANCA machine.
7. All photo submissions must include the promotional hashtag, #ANCATooloftheYear2023 in order to be eligible.

8. Social media submissions run from 17th May-8th August, 5pm AU time. 

9. The organisation or individual entrants must follow ANCA’s Facebook page.
10. At least five finalists for the main category will be selected and announced on 21 August (AU-Time)  50% by the number of likes/votes they achieve of their picture on ANCA's Facebook page, and 50% by the selected judging panel based on the criteria for this category. In addition, one extra entry will be picked by ANCA co-founder, Pat Boland based on tool geometry complexity and craftsmanship. 

11. At least three finalists for the virtual tool category will be selected and announced on 21 August (AU-Time)  50% by the number of likes/votes they achieve of their picture on ANCA's Facebook page, and 50% by the selected judging panel based on the criteria for the virtual tool category.

12. The top finalists will be announced on ANCA's social media, and must send the actual tools to ANCA's Germany facility.

13. All participants must send a photo of their entered tool, designed on the ANCA CIM3D software to prove it was ground on an ANCA machine or designed on ANCA software.
14. The entrant is responsible for all costs associated with entry. However, ANCA will cover the shipment costs for finalist tools to ANCA's US facility.
15. A judging panel will pick the winning tool for the main category based on the craft, and strict measurement criteria:

  • Best surface finish in Ra (roughness average) value on the flute or gash surface.
  • The tool the that is closest to the nominal tolerance as stated on the drawing in terms of diameter and profile (i.e. if the tolerance on diameter is +/- 0.010mm and the tool is measured to 0.005 then this will rank favourably).
  • Tool that has been ground to the tightest tolerance as per the drawing (i.e. the tool with the lowest tolerance will rank favourably).
  • Level of complexity (i.e. in terms of the number of steps, profiles will rank.

Criteria for entry:
  • The tool must be made on an ANCA machine
  • The organisation or individual must follow ANCA’s Facebook page or WeChat channel
  • Material: Carbide preferred
  • Length: 50-(2”) - 150mm (6”)
  • Tool diameter: D6mm (1/4)”– D25mm (1”)
  • Must be a:
    • functional tool
    • working features explained, example: tool operations, images, component etc may be supplied
  • Things to consider while designing a tool:
    • Creativity
    • Complexity
    • Functionality
    • Surface finish
    • Tool geometry and its accuracy
    • Tool runout and balancing (N/A to static tool)
    • Use of program, features and flexibility

  • Things to consider:
    • Creativity
    • Use of the software, operations, features and its flexibility
    • Visual presentation

Tools should be submitted with:
  • ToolRoom bundles using ToolRoom RN32 or later
  • CIM3D V8.0 or later

Participants can contact their local branch for a three-month trial of these products.

16. The entries that receive the highest scores from 10 August to 17 August, (9am AU time- One Week of Voting) by the number of likes they achieve on their picture on ANCA's Facebook page (50%) along with the judges' assessments of the criteria (50%) will be deemed the contest finalists. Each contest finalist will be notified by ANCA via email. If a contest finalist is non-responsive or unreachable within two (2) days of notification, ANCA has the right to disqualify the contest finalist and select and alternate contest finalist in their place. Each contest finalist will be instructed to mail their actual tool to ANCA for further review. If a mailed tool is not received by ANCA within ten (10) days of notification, ANCA has the right to disqualify the Contest Finalist and select an alternate contest finalist in their place.

17. Once ANCA has received all top contest finalist entries, the judges will perform another review (based on the judging criteria listed above). Each entry will be re-graded in comparison to the other contest finalist entries. The entry that receive the highest score based on the judges’ review will be deemed the potential Grand Prize Winner. 

18. The prize for the #MadeonANCA category is AUD $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations for parts, accessories or software and a trip to ANCA's Australian headquarters subject to international and local travel restrictions and guidelines. (*The trip must be booked within 12 months of winning. The prize contains two economy flights and three nights’ accommodation for two people from the winning organisation. No other costs will be covered by ANCA for the duration of the travel.)

19. The winner of the virtual category will receive AUD $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations for parts, accessories or software.

20. Winning companies will also receive recognition through print and digital promotions after the competition is over.

21. The first runner up of #MadeonANCA will receive a GDS Shark collet adaptor.

22. The second runner up of #MadeonANCA will receive from TYROLIT - Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G a free set of standard grinding wheels for a CNC tool grinder.

23. The first and second runners up of the virtual tool category will receive one set of cooling Line Kit from Piranha.

24. The prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangable, and are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotions.
25. By participating in ANCA Tool of the Year competition and providing any personal contact information, entrants hereby agree to ANCA’s collection and usage of their personal information and acknowledge that they have read and accepted  ANCA’s Privacy Policy.
26. This Contest is not in any manner sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or WeChat.
27. Entries received before the start of the Submission Period or after the end of the Submission Period will be discarded and deemed VOID. For purposes of this contest, an entry is “received” when the website’s servers record the entry information.
28. Those who do not follow all of the instructions, do not provide the required information in their entry form, or do not abide by these Official Rules or other instructions will be disqualified.
29. Entries made by any other individual or any entity, and/or using any email address other than the entrant’s or any other website, including, without limitation, commercial promotion subscription notification and/or entering service sites, will be declared invalid and disqualified.
30. Entries must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person, entity or the company they work for and must have been created in a legal and safe manner.
31. By submitting an entry, an entrant warrants and represents that he or she consents to the submission and use of the entry in the Contest.

32. All entries become property of ANCA and will be used in different promotional activities during and after the campaign.

33. ANCA will keep all the finalist tools to exhibit at shows and/or ANCA offices and facilities around the world and further promote the skill of the organisations who made the finals.
34. The entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the entry, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the use and exhibition in the manner set forth in these official rules, including, without limitation, name and likeness releases for any person who appears in or is identifiable in the entry.
35. Entries may not contain any image or depiction of the following: (i) materials which include or constitute trademarks, trade names or copyrighted works created or owned by any person or entity other than Entrant or for which the Entrant has obtained owner’s written permission to use; (ii) materials bearing profanities, or bearing the name or likeness of any celebrity, living or dead; (iii) materials which contain visible identifiable or potentially identifiable information, including but not limited to, phone numbers, website links, street addresses, e-mail addresses or license plate numbers; (iv) inappropriate behavior for a general audience; (v) any depiction of real or simulated sexual acts; (vi) violence in any form; (vi) materials which violate anyone’s reasonable privacy expectations, violate any known agreement, or which are defamatory in nature; (viii) materials which are derogatory to Sponsor, or any affiliated entity or person; (ix) materials which are discriminatory based on race, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, sex, or sexual orientation or preference; (x) materials in which any person identifiably appears unless Entrant has obtained an appropriate written release from such person granting all rights required herein; and, (xi) materials which do not comply with all other requirements in these Official Rules.
36. Entries that do not conform to these guidelines will be disqualified. ANCA reserves the right to reject or disqualify any entry determined to be inconsistent with the letter or spirit of the Official Rules or potentially damaging to its, the Contest’s, or another’s image or reputation.
37. By entering the ANCA Tool of the Year competition, entrants accept the above-stated Terms & Conditions of Entry.