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Dimension all tool features

with tolerances

Annotate drawing

with text, images and drafting symbols

Load and save

user defined drawing templates

The ultimate drafting package

Create quick and easy 2D tool drawings straight from CIM3D or ToolRoom. An independent product to ToolRoom and CIM3D, ToolDraft now produces 2D drawings simply by clicking on the ToolDraft icon in CIM3D (V8.1 onwards) or ToolRoom 2016 onwards. It removes the requirement to export the 3D tool image to an external and non-tool dedicated CAD package. Minimal CAD drawing knowledge is required.


A fully dimensioned drawing of the tool, wheels and wheel packs with multiple views and tolerances can be created in ToolDraft by exporting from ToolRoom or CIM3D.
Options are available to create user defined template files which contain the document styles, page sizes and text, image and table items.
A range of dimensions can be added to all the tool views. Dimensions can have a prefix, suffix and can be overridden. Unilateral, bilateral and named tolerances can be added to all the dimensions. Leader lines, surface finish annotations and center marks can be added to tool views.

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