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New! 3D-In-Design, Wheel & Laser Probing, Thread Measure + more … EMO 2011

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Hall 6 Stand F14

Date: 19 – 24 September, 2011

Venue: Fairgrounds Hannover

Opening hours: 0900 – 18:00 hrs




ANCA will be exhibiting at EMO 2011 in Hannover, Germany. Visit us to see the TXCell, TX7+, MX7, GX7 and Fastgrind tool grinders. Live demonstrations will be ongoing and applications specialists will be available to answer any grinding questions. ANCA GmbH will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary.


See the benefits of new Toolroom 2012 in the ANCA ‘Computer Simulation Booth’

A ‘computer simulation booth’ will be set up on the stand so visitors will have the opportunity to use ANCA’s new Cim3D V7 3D simulation software, new Toolroom 2012 (RN32) and other ANCA software. ANCA’s application specialists will demonstrate the exciting new Toolroom 2012 features such as the new integrated 3D graphics in iGrind and the new endmill wizard. They will also demonstrate how Cim3D V7’s simulation time is 30% faster, the new 2D overlays for instant visual verification, and how the improved sectioning tool allows users to precisely dissect the tool for accurate measurement.



Watch tap grinding on the TXcell with new in-machine thread relief measurement

Typical of ANCA’s high quality range is the recently released TXcell which is revolutionary in its ability to manufacture finished tools from blank stock, in a single set-up. It is also able to handle pre and post grinding operations, such as brush honing and laser etching, directly in the cell. To highlight the TXcell's flexibility, it will be demonstrating the grinding of taps during EMO, whilst the TX7+ will be fitted with an all-new high capacity tool loader and will be used to demonstrate punch grinding. Also displayed on the TXcell will be new in-machine thread relief measurement for taps. This now provides an affordable method for customers to check the thread relief of their taps for increased accuracy.

 Find out the benefits of the new Wheel Qualification Probe and Laser Probe on the MX7


ANCA’s new ‘Wheel Qualification Probe’ will demonstrate automatic wheel measurement on the MX7 which will provide faster set-up and eliminate human error. Also on the MX7 will be a profile tool set-up to show the benefits of the iView measurement camera, grinding of a step drill and blank preparation using peel grinding techniques. A new laser probe on the MX7 will demonstrate how the OD measurement of a ballnose or profile tool can be checked in the machine after grinding to ensure accuracy and to allow any required adjustments.


See you at EMO!



12 September 2011