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SILMAX and ANCA forge a legacy of innovation and uncompromising quality

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SILMAX SPA, a family-owned company with a rich history spanning over 200 years, is a prominent manufacturer of carbide tools. Based in Lanzo, in the Piedmont region of Italy, SILMAX has grown to include five plants worldwide, employing over 120 people and operating more than 100 CNC machines. Renowned for producing everything in-house, including their pioneering coating, SILMAX has been committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and optimising production processes.

With a focus on aeronautics, general mechanics, the mold and die industry, and the medical sector, SILMAX has focused on expanding its customer portfolio through direct sales representatives and an extensive network of distributors both in Italy and abroad. Their aim has always been to provide effective, flexible, and fast service to their customers, meeting the market demands for quality, speed, and competitive pricing.

In pursuit of their goals, SILMAX has equipped itself with state-of-the-art machinery, embracing the latest technological advancements. Throughout their journey, a crucial partnership has been established with ANCA, a collaboration that dates back to the 1990s. ANCA has become synonymous with productivity, reliability, and technological innovation for SILMAX.

The SILMAX group has integrated fifteen ANCA FX7 Linear MX7 machines into their operations. These highly flexible machines cater to the production of both standard and special tools. The FX7 machines produce tools up to 8mm diameter, while the larger machines handle tools with a diameter of up to 32mm. The tool types include standard tools as well as specialized options like form cutters, barrel cutters, and mold cutters, all manufactured with strict tolerances.

“The introduction of ANCA’s second-generation LaserUltra at SILMAX has enabled a further technological leap forward,” said Dario Fumagalli, President at SILMAX. “The scanning measurement, in fact, has reduced times by 75%. With LaserUltra, we measure diameters on all processed tools, profiles on form cutters, flares on historical spherical cutters. In addition, the process allows time optimisation, the possibility of unattended machining with very high repeatability and above all the reduction of scrap to zero.”

Dario continues: “We are a fast-growing group in almost all markets, especially the Italian market, where we have a historical presence. We have ample room for growth and especially the markets, especially China and India, where we recently started production. It is important for all markets that we are efficient, effective and deliver the tools on time. Automation is very important.”
“That is why we are working with ANCA to develop their AIMS programme, where there will be a strong push towards automation, bringing human resources to perform higher value-added jobs in our growth process, both in Italy and abroad. ANCA is definitely the partner of choice, being a multinational company with a global presence, with an efficient, professional service of the highest quality.”
SILMAX and ANCA's partnership exemplifies a successful collaboration built on trust, innovation, and a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Together, they continue to drive industry advancements, optimise production processes, and exceed customer expectations, ensuring mutual success in carbide tool manufacturing.

17 August 2023