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ANCA to launch AutoMarkX, an automated laser marking system at EMO 2021

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Winner of ANCA Tool of the Year revealed live at EMO and see a tailored skiving cutter machine GCX to service the booming Electric Vehicle market

As the cutting tool industry moves towards more complex geometries and away from standard tools, manufacturers are needing to find new solutions. Often referenced as special tools, ANCA will showcase the technology, software and automation at EMO Milano 2021 that enables customers to design and grind multiple tool types in one batch, making special tools a more profitable strategy.
Patrick Boland, ANCA Co-Founder said: "Customers are after more productivity, higher accuracy, and increased process stability. There is great interest in automation, Industry 4.0, and technologies that can digitally connect all aspects of production. What's new at ANCA is what we call AIMS, or the "ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System". It's the overarching platform under which we'll be releasing software and hardware though the coming years. At the top is a suite of management software, and underneath is all the hardware necessary to grind, measure, and process complex cutting tools."
"We are proud to have our new AutoMarkX laser marking system on the stand at EMO, a machine that further simplifies tool manufacturing process by achieving greater efficiencies and reductions in simple manual tasks. Compatible with ANCA's flexible software suite, AutoMarkX automatically loads tools directly from grinding machine pallets to be laser marked. ANCA's own technology is designed for integration with AIMS (ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System), to automatically receive and dispatch pallets using an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) while connectivity to the AIMS Server provides the data to be marked on the tools," Patrick concluded.
Electric Vehicles
From a CNC tool and cutter supplier's point of view, Electric Vehicles (EV's) growth in the market is a challenge as well as a revolutionary opportunity. In 2017, 11.8 percent of cutting tool consumption was for automotive manufacturing. However, the rise of EVs and the associated manufacturing changes will significantly impact this. The machining time required for pure EVs will reduce by 50–75 percent compared with traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs). This will result in a decline in overall cutting tool consumption as ICE vehicles' production declines.
Xiaoyu Wang, ANCA GCX Product Manager said: "Declining demand for cutting tools is an existential challenge, especially for our customers who serve the automotive industry. However, entering the supply chain of EV manufacture provides many untapped opportunities. - the new skiving cutters required for manufacturing the internal gears used in EV transmission is a significant one. About 45 percent of all gear production is for vehicle transmission. The growth in EVs has drastically changed the requirements for the gear cutting and production industries. For example, the high engine speed of up to 20,000 RPM means a higher gear ratio is required to reduce the speed for efficient use in automobiles. Additionally, the complex planetary gear systems are more prevalent in the new electric transmission design."
Driven by EV's unparallel 28%~36% growth rate, the skiving cutters used in the high-speed skiving processes are in high demand. Due to their complex geometries, producing solid carbide skiving cutters requires a series of technology and process developments that enable their consistent and repeatable production. ANCA will bring its GCX Linear machine to EMO so customers can understand how it provides a complete solution for manufacturing DIN AA quality solid carbide skiving cutters – the highest in the industry.
Visit ANCA at Stand F10 G09​, Hall 2 to get a demo.
ANCA Tool of the Year
ANCA's industry first competition is back with the 2021 winner to be announced live at EMO. Last year the industry welcomed the opportunity to show off their skills with almost 30 entries received from across the globe being seen by over 80,000 fans generating over 200,000 engagements on social media.
The competition offers global recognition and generous prizes; celebrating the magic of the cutting tool and the experts who create them.
AutoMarkX is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station replacing manual and labour-intensive process. It is AIMS compatible which means it can work in a fully automatic mode without a need for human intervention, if required. The operator can load pallets full of tools and walk away to take care of more productive and value adding tasks. The unit can accommodate a wide range of tool sizes, making it a versatile proposition for many manufacturers. The attractive return on investment (ROI) makes it a logical choice for your tool making businesses.
  • Automatic solution replacing labour intensive task
  • Seamlessly integrated into your ERP and AIMS 
  • Cost-effective laser marking solution with short ROI

GCX Linear
The GCX Linear sets the new benchmark for skiving cutter production. Adapted from ANCA's proven top-of-the-range CNC grinder platform, the GCX Linear adds tailored features to finish all operations for skiving cutters and shaper cutters in a single setup. With industry-first in-process profile measurement and direct path compensation, ANCA provides a practical closed-loop production solution.
  • LinX ® linear motor technology on X, Y and Z axes
  • In-process dressing with acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS) and supervised machine learning algorithm
  • Motor temperature control (MTC) minimises machine warmup time and delivers optimal thermal stability during grinding
  • In-process profile and spacing measurement with analogue probe genuinely leading the industry
  • Direct path compensation without redressing wheel
  • Comprehensive software package including design, simulation, grinding, dressing, measurement and compensation

CPX Linear
Capable of achieving a surface finish better than 0.2 µm (0.000008 in) RA with run-out of less than 2 microns, this four axis grinder for creating tool blanks complements ANCA's full machine range. The CPX Linear has a large working envelope and powerful grinding spindles, achieving the highest precision and productivity for blank preparation in the market today. Using the PinchPeel method of grinding it offers the same strength, rigidity and thermal stability expected from an ANCA tool grinder.
  • AR300 loader
  • Premierplus collet adaptor
  • Overhead top clamp
  • Tailstock (for supporting long blanks)

FX7 Linear
For customers that require increased flexibility or more spindle power, or the increased automation capacity that a robot can provide, the FX7 Linear offers these. The FX7 Linear offers a wide range of options for those looking to increase productivity and accuracy. Available is an optional 6-station wheel changer for automatic loading of wheel packs and coolant manifolds, and also robot loader options with capacity to load up to 840 tools.
  • Linear motors on X and Y axes
  • AMD5x control system for faster processing
  • HSK40F taper provides increased rigidity and accuracy for improved tool surface finish results

12 August 2021