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Enter now for a chance to win $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations
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ANCA’s industry-first competition is back – but not as you know it.  

This year there will be two discrete competition categories to celebrate both the functionality and creativity of cutting tool manufacturers. 

The Tool of the Year 2020, will be the winner in the category of #MadeonANCA. Competition entry tools will showcase the sub-micron surface finish, complexity and superior cutting performance expected from ANCA machines. These are functional and practical tools that start as ideas and are ground into reality, as the tools that shape our world. 

Our second competition category is for virtual tools as the “Most innovative tool design – 2020”. This is your chance to be creative and using ANCA tool design software, push ideas to their limits. 

In a year that many of us are staying at home to stay safe, we are excited to bring you the live winners’ announcement from our newly-designed virtual showroom at our Australian headquarters in October.

Enter now for a chance to win $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations for parts, accessories or software that fit your grinding needs! This amazing prize comes with access as an ANCA VIP to exclusive opportunities with our ANCA experts.

The winner of the most innovative virtual tool will receive the full CIM software package.

Social media submissions run from 1 - 30 September (please note: the deadline has been extended until 5 October!)



ANCA Tool Of The Year


It is with heartfelt pride that we accept ANCA’s prestigious “Tool Of The Year” award! While indeed this recognition speaks to the craftsmanship of our toolmakers – it also makes a tremendous statement to the craftsmanship of the machine maker and the support provided! CONTOUR360° utilizes many different types of ANCA machines, including the recent addition of 3 new state of the art “FX7 Linear’s w/ Exchanger, Laser Measurement & Fanuc Robomates.” But our business requires more than just state of the art equipment! It demands machines that are reliable day in and day out! It demands support, when needed, in the “lights out” environment in which we work today.

Charles R. Day
Vice President & General Manager at Contour 360

A great cutter grinder has the eye of an artist and the heart of a craftsman. Last year’s ANCA Tool of The Year contest showcased not only the vast capabilities of the ANCA CNC grinders but also the ingenuity , skill , and craftsmanship of the people that stand in front of them. I can’t wait to see the impressive entries on its second year.

Alfred Lyon
Cutting Tool Supervisor at AB Tools

For more and more tool manufacturers, surface finish and roughness measurement on tools are getting increasingly important. We clearly see a trend towards the manufacturing of highly polished surfaces as they significantly increase machining results. By including surface finish values as a criterion in their tool competition, ANCA shows that they meet the needs of their customers who in the end can produce state-of-art tools with outstanding life-time and machining quality.

Stefan Scherer
Alicona President

It’s been an honour to be selected by ANCA as a judge in the Tool of the Year competition on behalf of ZOLLER Inc. It was great to use our technology to measure which finalist’s tool was closest to the nominal tolerance stated on the drawing in terms of diameter and profile. In the commercial world the level of accuracy on a finished tool is what sets tool manufacturers apart from their competition.

Michael Kroodsma
Marketing Specialist at ZOLLER Inc