Connected machines, connected processes

Smart automation connects sequential tool production processes

Lights out operation

Continuous, unattended production dramatically reduces non-productive machine time.

System management with ANCA Factory Server

Factory Server manages all communications between integrated production equipment

AIMS: Connect, automate, create

ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System, AIMS, is your future for optimised cutting tool production, delivering a wholistic solution for your end to end tool manufacturing challenges. 
Streamlined manufacturing, with connected tool production processes, integrated to your IT systems will take your tool production to the next level.
AIMS is all about maximising productivity, improving quality and freeing people from doing simple manual tasks, so they can be re-deployed to others where they can really add value.

Connect, automate, create

Recognising your challenges and finding solutions.


Sophisticated automation is a key ingredient to improving machine OEE. Run your machines with seamless transition from one batch to the next. This serves to reduce non-productive machine time, and increase your overall output. Automated in process measurement guarantees consistent quality with lights out production.


Machines, not people are best suited to repetitive manual tasks. AIMS automates manual tasks within and across machines in your tool production process. This allows you to re-deploy your skilled operators to real value add tasks.


As sequential processes become integrated and connected, data management is a critical tool. Not only will it ensure your production runs smoothly, it gives you better visibility on processes that can be targeted for ongoing improvement.


Recognising that different customers have different needs, AIMS is a modular system that can be rolled out on a scale that suits your business. Target specific operations in your tool production process, or look to deploy a comprehensive end to end automation system. The choice is yours.

AIMS is modular by design, giving you the flexibility to:

Target areas of production you identify, that will benefit the most
Deploy across a wider production process to realise the maximum benefits of a connected production system

This Autonomous Mobile Robot or AMR, will be your workhorse. Mapped to your factory, it autonomously performs routine tasks to keep your machines running in lights out operation. Modular design means functions can be added depending on your needs. Additional AutoFetch units are added as your AIMS system grows.

AutoFetch-solo: an add-on function, for transferring single tools between your machine and external measuring systems for in batch compensation.

AutoFetch-multi: an add-on function, for transferring tool pallets from one machine to the next, giving uninterrupted lights out production

AutoFetch-bot : addition of a cobot to the AutoFetch (AMR) futureproofs your AIMS system to be adapted to tasks unique to your production line

Ensures tool quality in lights out production. Added to your tool grinding machines, it transfers single tools to external measuring equipment using AutoFetch-solo. Measurement results determine compensation to be applied before the tool is returned to its production batch.

Minimises machine idle time between batches. Added to your production machines, it transfers tool pallets in and out of sequential production processes using AutoFetch-Multi.

Is the hub for tool pallet preparation and management. Connected to your factory IT systems, set pallets with tool blanks and the correct job data, ensuring the right process is applied every step of the way.

AutoMarkX takes care of tool marking for you, freeing up the operator to perform other tasks on the factory floor. Just load the pallets full of tools and the rest will be taken care of. AutoMarkX integrates seamlessly into your ERP and AIMS, helping to streamline the manufacturing process even further.

Is the brains of your system, managing data flows between the working elements of your AIMS system and your established IT platforms like ERP and MES. As well as executing your production activities, additional software modules are offered to manage of your machine programs, remotely display real time machine activity and continuously gather production data to be shared via OPC compatible systems.

Watch a timelapse demo of AIMS

Your partner in ANCA

With over 40 years' experience delivering CNC grinders to customers around the world, ANCA carries a reputation for delivering solutions to meet market needs.

AIMS is the next evolution in cutting tool manufacture, connecting tool production processes to deliver productivity and quality gains that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Whether deploying AIMS to a single process, or across an entire production line, ANCA will be your working partner - with Engineering, Applications and After-sales support located in ANCA facilities around the world.

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