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Advanced Motor Technology

Linear motors on X, Y and V' axes. Grinding spindles with Motor Temperature Control (MTC). 

BlankX software

provides ease of use and programming flexibility

AR300 low cost loader

for automated loading of tool blanks

CPX Linear: Blank preparation grinder

Capable of achieving a surface finish better than 0.2Ra with run out of less than 2 microns, this four axes grinder for grinding tool blanks complements ANCA’s full machine range. The CPX Linear has a large working envelope and powerful grinding spindles to achieve the highest precision and productivity for blank preparation in the market today. Using the pinch peel method of grinding it offers the same strength, rigidity and thermal stability expected from an ANCA tool grinder.

CPX Linear

  • Product Details
    Including touch screen, USB ports and space for a standard keyboard. Ergonomic tilt adjusts to suit different height operators.
    ANCA Motion’s latest AM5C CNC and AMD5X servo-drives provide all the computing power needed for sub-micron motion control.

    When grinding long slender tool blanks, extra support is required at the end of the tool. Additional support is required to prevent whipping (deflection) which can lead to tool breakage on longer blanks. Our solution to this problem on the CPX Linear is a Tailstock Assembly.

    The Tailstock consists of a live centre with an arm mounted on a pneumatically actuated carriage assembly. This carriage assembly can easily be removed from its base structure when not in use and is designed to be refitted with minimal set up.
    • Grind lengths of 90 – 360mm long (3.54” X 14.1”)
    • Diameter range of 1-25.4 mm diameter (0.03”x 1”) *
    • Used with carbide and HSS blanks
    • Set up time when changing the arm and live centre – ≤15 minutes

    • Extra support – Enables the support of longer tool blanks and ensure blank quality
    • Support at the end of the blank – To prevent whipping/deflection
    • Short set up time – Minimal down time means increased productivity
    • Tailstock can remain in the machine when not in use – Less set up time
    • Retrofittable - For customers with existing CPX Linear machines

    The Whitestick Assembly is used regularly to stick the finishing wheel on the CPX Linear. The sticking process returns the wheel back to its proper condition so grinding wheels perform as expected and tool blank quality is maintained.

    The Whitestick Assembly is not permanently mounted and is only fitted when required. The arm is easily mounted to the X saddle using a dovetail block. When the Whitestick assembly is mounted, sticking is performed by a combination of moving the V-axis finishing spindle and X axis into the required positions to the finishing wheel. 

    The Arm accepts standard white stick sizes – 25mm x 15mm x 100mm long sticks can be used. Set up time is less than 10 minutes.

    The Whitestick Assembly package contains:

    •            1 x Aluminium Oxide stick
    •            1 x Coolant Nozzle Assembly
    •            Application software for sticking the wheel


    Sticking of the finishing wheel ensures: 
    • High performing wheels
    • Swarf removed from the wheel
    • Blank quality is maintained
    • Improves cycle times and life expectancy of the wheels
    • Ensures free cutting wheels with lower spindle loads
    • Short set up time – Quick set up means less down time
    • Retrofittable - For customers with existing CPX Linear machines
    • Operator safety – Reduces manual operator intervention
    The CPX Linear uses ANCA’s market leading versatile and intuitive BlankX software which is easy to use and familiar to operators using an ANCA machine. The user is guided through a step by step process enabling quick programming for grinding a blank.


    Whitestick Assembly

  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Rigid 4-axes design for pinch/peel grinding
    Spindle Power Roughing spindle peak power 43Kw (58 HP) Finishing Spindle Peak Power 9.7Kw (13HP)
    Wheel Packs 2 wheel packs, one for roughing and the other for finishing
    Tool (shank) Diameter 32 mm (1 1/4”)
    Tool Length (Max) - flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable) 380 mm (14.1”)
    Loader Type AR300
    Max. Tool Capacity (with loader) Ø20 mm (3/4”) x 200 mm (8”) long
    Drive System Linear Motor
    Dimensions 2477 mm (97.5”) W 1659 mm (65.3”) D 2052 mm (80.8”) H
    CNC Details ANCA AMC5 G2 High Performance CNC, High Speed SSD, Ethercat, Intel processor, Windows 10
    Machine Colours RAL 7035 / RAL 5008


The CPX Linear can meet all your application needs for grinding carbide and HSS endmill, drill and form blanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CPX accept headed blanks and grind the neck diameter behind the head?
This should be possible, but the roughing wheel would need to be manually rotated at 90° to grind the neck section.
Can the headstock A-axis actually index and be used as an axis?
Is it possible to only rough grind sections of a blank?
Yes, it is possible to only rough (or finish) grind individual sections on a blank.
What are the specifications for the incoming blanks used on the CPX Linear?
Incoming blanks used on the CPX require a chamfer on the shank end of the blank with a run out of ≤1 micron for best results.
By what means is the Roller on the Top Clamp actuated?
The Roller is actuated pneumatically.

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