Labour saving

Automatic solution replacing labour intensive task 


Seamlessly integrated into your ERP and AIMS  


Laser marking solution with short ROI 

AutoMarkX: Automatic laser marking station

AutoMarkX is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station replacing manual and labour-intensive processes. It is AIMS compatible which means it could work in a fully automatic mode without human intervention, if required. The operator can now load pallets full of tools and walk away to take care of more productive and value add tasks. The unit can accommodate a wide range of tool sizes makes it a versatile proposition for  many manufacturers. The attractive return on investment (ROI) makes it a logical choice for your tool marking business. 



AutoMarkX will take care of tool marking for you, freeing up the operator to perform other tasks on the factory floor. Just load the pallets full of tools and the rest will be taken care of.

AutoMarKX is built using high quality components, providing reliable and robust solution for your laser marking.

Just load the pallet, select the job and walk away. AutoMarkX is designed to make your life easier and focus on other value adding tasks.  


Unit dimensions: H 1,750mm x W 950mm x D 1,420mm    

Laser source: 20W Fiber laser, wavelength 1,064nm, 100x 100 marking field with red laser pointer for easy placement of tool in the manual mode (optional)   


Compatible tool size 

Tool range: ø3mm (ø 1/8”) - ø32mm (ø 1 17/64”)  

Maximum tool length: 250mm (9 27/32”)  

Max tool weight: 1.5 kg  

Typical cycle time 12 – 15s per tool (tool pickup, marking, tool replaced)  



  • Tool rotation station – flexibility with mark location around the shank 

  • RFID module - for mixed batches 

  • Vision inspection - message presence for quality assurance 

  • Manual marking – for small batches and single tools 

  • ERP/external database integration - for streamline process and human error elimination 

  • Pallet adaptors – to accommodate various pallet standards 

Fume extraction: included as a separate module  

Fume extraction unit dimensions: H590mm x W375mm x D375mm   

Robot loader: Yes

Oil containment:  Included – moat and drain 

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