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Capable of manufacturing

new, or resharpening used stick blades

Able to grind

HSS and carbide stick blades

Unmanned continuous grinding

with ANCA tool loading systems

SBG: The total solution for stick blade grinding

The SBG is your total solution for the manufacture and reconditioning of stick blades used in the production of hypoid bevel gears. The SBG’s rigid machine construction, intuitive software and complete automation sets you up for unmanned production of the highest quality stick blades for the automotive industry.
  • Product Details
    Maximum sizes  are ‘square blades up to 0.6” x 0.6” and pentac blades up to 0.6” x 0.7”.  Other sizes available on request.
    Specific stick blade grinding and measurement cycles  ensure the precision and quality of the final product.
    Windows-based user interface, the ability to adjust blade profile to improve cutting performance or gear geometry, and user access levels for parameter adjustment.
  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Bi-Symmetrical Gantry
    Spindle Power 37 kW (49 HP) peak 15 kW (25 HP) S1
    Wheel Packs 2 x Ø 203 mm (8”) max
    Tool Length (Max) - flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable) N/A
    Loader Type RoboMate (option)
    Drive System Linear Motor
    Dimensions 2561 mm (100.8”) W 1500 mm (59”) D 2272 mm (89.4”) H *with RoboMate 2260 mm (89”) D*
    CNC Details ANCA AMC5, EtherCAT, high performance CNC, 8GB RAM, H/D 64GB SSD, Processor i7, Windows 8
    Machine Colours RAL 7035 / RAL 5008


From endmills to punches, taps and PCD tools, ANCA has the machine that meets all your application needs. Learn how ANCA can help you grind the perfect tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What blade types can the SBG grind?
​RSR, TRI-AC blades (from Gleason 300-CG), ARCON & SPIRON blades (from Klingelnberg KiMOS summaries) & Pentac blades.
How is blade geometry programmed?
Industry standard summary files are input into the SBG software to ensure stick blade geometry created exactly matches the designed cutter form.  Adjustments can be applied to your profile to create unique cutting tool forms.
Can measured blade data be used to compensate grinding process?
Yes, compensation of blade geometry is possible using results from either Gleason 562, Klingelnberg P40 or from bench top push

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