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Increased productivity

Manufacturing tools with AIMS means reduced overheads. Your machines now operate 24/7 with minimum supervision and only during operating hours. Improve your competitive advantage with AIMS!

Reduced cost per tool

Twice as many machines can be supervised by a single operator. Thanks to automated and accurate tolerance control with AutoComp, scrap is drastically reduced.

Improved quality

Consistent, accurate and on-time quality checks executed automatically ensure the quality of your tools is always maintained.

AIMS: Connect, automate, create

The ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) offers an open ecosystem that aims to connect, automate and create all steps in the production of cutting tools.

Manufacturing processes controlled by AIMS achieve higher machine utilization while maintaining consistently high tool quality. Thanks to sophisticated tool measurement and compensation strategies, scrap is reduced and costs per tool are significantly lowered. Comprehensive reporting and intelligent insights supported by machine learning provide complete visibility into all aspects of operations.

AIMS is designed as an open system and allows the integration of third-party machines and stations.

AIMS Connect
Connects all operations that are carried out to manufacture cutting tools. The central AIMS server controls compliance with the processes that a tool passes through during its manufacture. It checks whether the various process steps are being carried out and takes action if the process is not being adhered to. An information system guides employees to carry out manual process steps.

AIMS Automate
Automation of connected operations through the use of robots such as AMR for transfer or cobots for palletizing tools. A self-optimizing job scheduler ensures an ideal supply of pallets to the machines or provides individual tools for measurement.

AIMS Create
Create individual and customized workflow for the tool based on linked operations. Workflows and processes can be described and stored with ISA-95 compliant recipes. Job orders are transferred to production via the link to recipes and the creation of work requests. Work cells, work units and assets are managed just as easily as grinding programs and grinding wheels. AIMS Create provides the cockpit for creating processes. Thanks to the state-of-the-art web application, this can be done on almost all smart devices and computers.

Connect, automate, create

Recognising your challenges and finding solutions.


Thanks to full process automation, your grinding machines can operate at maximum capacity around the clock for extended periods of time, leading to increased uptime and productivity for your factory.


With AIMS, your production can operate 24/7 with minimal supervision during standard operating hours from Monday to Friday, resulting in significantly reduced overhead costs. The automated, consistent, and reliable quality control provided by AIMS also helps to minimise scrap.


Repetitive manual tasks are best suited for machines, not people. AIMS automates manual tasks both within and across machines in your tool production process, freeing up skilled operators to focus on higher value-added tasks. By adopting modern solutions like AIMS, businesses can attract talented individuals looking for opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology.


The AIMS Server provides a wealth of reports and insights to help you make informed, data-driven decisions. By taking advantage of cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology, you can free up your time and energy to focus on more value-added tasks.


Lowering your overhead costs and increasing quality through AIMS can help you gain a competitive advantage, expand your business footprint, and increase customer satisfaction.


We recognise that each customer’s needs are different.  AIMS is a modular and flexible ecosystem. Start with small scale software-based integration, process monitoring solution and grow at the pace you feel comfortable with.

The AIMS ecosystem is modular by design, giving you the flexibility to:

Start small by targeting specific processes that benefit you most
Deploy across all available processes to take full advantage of a connected AIMS ecosystem

AIMS Server is a powerful software platform designed to be the brain of your entire AIMS integrated manufacturing system. Developed by ANCA, the AIMS Server seamlessly connects and manages data flow between all processes, providing you with up-to-date production schedules through ERP/MES integration.

AIMS Server provides additional modules for production monitoring, reporting, and advanced analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimise your business processes. With ongoing updates and access to cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, AIMS Server continues to deliver value and innovation to our customers.

This is your workhorse taking care of all material transfers in the factory, transporting full pallets and individual tools between processes. With the flexibility to automate either pallet transfer or both pallet and individual tool transfer, you can customise the system to meet your specific needs.

AutoComp is a module of the AIMS Server that ensures your batch stays within tolerance by facilitating data transfer between ZOLLER and the grinders. Its primary functions include managing the transfer of measurement data and compensating grinding parameters to ensure the quality of tools is always maintained.

AutoComp and AutoFetch work together seamlessly to streamline your production process. AutoFetch picks up tools from the grinder and delivers them to the measurement machine. Once the measurement is complete and compensation applied (if required) the tool is returned to the same pocket in the pallet from which it has been picked up from.

This eliminates the need for manual handling, which can be labor-intensive and error-prone. With AutoComp and AutoFetch working together, you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and consistency of your production process. And with 24/7 automation, you can increase productivity while reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

AutoSet serves as an Operator Command Center -  the starting point for each new job. With a direct connection to your factory's AIMS Server, you can efficiently prepare production pallets based on the current production schedule. AutoSet conveniently stores all prepared pallets as well as finished goods.

For larger installations, AutoSet functions as an ASRS (Automatic Store and Retrieve System), providing increased flexibility and maximising floorspace efficiency.

The interface between the AutoFetch system and your machines (grinder, measurement machine, laser marker, etc.) enables the seamless transfer of full pallets of blanks or finished tools to and from the machines. It also allows for the transfer of individual tools between processes.

AutoMarkX, ANCA's automatic laser marking machine, is an integral part of the AIMS system. It is used to automate all laser marking tasks for your tools around the clock.

In addition to standard marking capabilities, the AutoMarkX can perform advanced functionalities such as marking on the tool end, around the circumference of the shank, and serialising machine-readable codes like Datamatrix and QR codes. These unique ID codes enable you to match measurement data or regrind history, enhancing the value of your products to your customers.

Watch a timelapse demo of AIMS

Tailor it your way.

Example 1: AIMS Server Implementation

  • Centralised machine file management using ToolServer software option
  • Connectivity between machine file manager & job card production schedule
  • Bar code scanner for scanning job cards
  • Machine & process visibility with REDAX

  • Elimination of errors in production file selection
  • Your tool files are safe, version-controlled and stored in a single location – no more errors and confusion
  • Faster job setup – scan the job card and all files are uploaded to the grinder automatically
  • Make better decisions by getting visibility of your machine status and history from REDAX


Example 2: Add Automated Tool Measurement

  • Automated tool measurement and compensation across multiple grinders using AutoComp
  • Automated tool transport between grinder and ZOLLER using AutoFetch

  • No need for manual intermittent tool measurement
  • Automated process execution
  • Improved tool quality and consistency
  • Reduced operating costs due to automation and reduced scrap


Example 3: Add Offline Setup with AutoLine Basic

  • Pallets prepared offline at the AutoSet, each pallet is linked to a specific job
  • Pallet RFID stores detailed job data
  • Grinder recalls job details via RFID
  • Pallets are transferred on a dedicated ANCA trolley

  • Reduced machine downtime by preparing and programming offline
  • Eliminate programming errors
  • Continuous production by operator supplied pallets
  • Effortless pallet tending using dedicated trolley and AutoLine Basic loader interface


Example 4: Add Automated Pallet Tending Between Processes

  • Data connectivity between processes
  • Automated pallet transport between processes
  • Automated single tool transfer between processes

  • Unattended tool production improves productivity
  • Minimum staff required only during operating hours on Monday to Friday
  • Eliminates downtime by ensuring machines are never starved of material
  • Fully unattended production
  • Integrated data management between production schedule and machines


Your partner in ANCA

With over 40 years' experience delivering CNC grinders to customers around the world, ANCA carries a reputation for delivering solutions to meet market needs.

AIMS is the next evolution in cutting tool manufacture, connecting tool production processes to deliver productivity and quality gains that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Whether deploying AIMS to a single process, or across an entire production line, ANCA will be your working partner - with Engineering, Applications and After-sales support located in ANCA facilities around the world.

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