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37kW (49HP) peak power

direct drive spindle with BigPlus arbor

5 hard axes

allow universal grinding capability of complex forms

Customise the dual robot

for your auxiliary process needs

Dual robot solution: A market first - dual robot grinding cell

Using a single robot, ANCA’s TXcell automated grinding cell can automatically load grinding wheel packs, and the work piece – a highly successful approach for ANCA customers manufacturing rotary cutting tools. With the addition of a second robot in the TXcell, the machine can be customised to complete secondary operations unmanned.

Dual robot solution

Primary robot performs principle automation tasks of changing wheel packs and work piece.  Additionally, the secondary robot can be customised to add secondary functions for enhanced flexibility and productivity. 
Secondary operations are done in the robot cell rather than the main TX grinding machine, there is no increase in overall takt time. 
ANCA's Engineering Team will ensure your solution is designed and built to meet the needs of your specific part and factory processes. 

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