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Saves time and money

by eliminating a separately managed laser etching station

Reduces Work in Progress (WIP)

by integrating one more step from the tool manufacturing process into your ANCA grinder

Flexible software

includes easy setting of text string, size and position on the tool

RoboMate LaserEtch: In-process tool laser marking

Save time and money by integrating one more step in your tool manufacturing process into your ANCA grinder. RoboMate LaserEtch is an integrated laser system built within the RoboMate loader for the TX and MX platforms. After grinding, the tool is automatically etched with characters, for example tool ID and graphic such as company logo – all without any increase to tool TAKT time.
Round tools from 3mm to 25.4mm, maximum tool length 250mm
RoboMate LaserEtch is fully integrated within the RoboMate loader, requiring no additional floor space
The laser system is contained within a fully sealed compartment to ensure no laser light escape and is designed to meet the requirements of CE (IEC60825) and US FDA (CRDH)

RoboMate LaserEtch

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