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Stable motor temperature

regardless of varying RPM or load

Improved dimensional stability

reduced thermal variation of grinding spindle, improving dimensional consistency of ground parts

Reduce warmup time

start production grinding sooner

MTC: Motor Temperature Control system (patent pending) on grinding spindle

MTC (Motor Temperature Control) is a patent pending innovation that actively manages and maintains spindle motor temperature, regardless of operating conditions, by modulating the motor operating efficiency.  Tool manufacturers will see benefits with grinders in production sooner as they quickly reach thermal stability, and improved part consistency as thermal variation of the grinding spindle is drastically reduced.
MTC is currently available on the ULTRA, CPX and GCX spindle motors.
The brilliance of MTC is that no additional components are required to realise the benefits offered.  Clever algorithms built into the spindle drive firmware are the secret to keeping your spindle motor running at a constant temperature.
Because machines will reach thermal stability more quickly, production can start sooner. Thermal stability also improves part to part consistency in batch production, delivering better manufacturing quality.

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