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ANCA’s affordable grinding solution, the new generation FX5E Linear enables premium CNC grinding for versatile applications

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The new FX5E Linear has additional features, while remaining competitively priced and will be on display at DMP, Shenzhen in November
September 2022: A lower cost FX5E Linear grinding machine has joined the premium FX Linear product range at ANCA. The new generation machine offers an optional tool loading automation with the AR300 robot.

This is the ideal machine for both price and #MadeonANCA quality.  The latest FX5E is an affordable first step into CNC tool grinding using high-quality, proven ANCA technology. The option for AR300 automatic tool loading is a solution for low volume runs.
FX Product Manager, Andreas Sommer said: “As an entry level machine, ANCA’s FX5E is proving hugely popular - particularly in China and other Asian markets as well as in emerging markets. With over 300 new orders to date, ANCA’s heritage of innovative technology offered in an economical machine, with automation options is a winning combination.”

“For companies that have been operating using conventional or manual machines, the FX5E Linear enables that step into higher end CNC grinding. This is because it is an affordable and quality machine built with ANCA technology.”

A clever feature of the FX5E is a unique swing table pallet design to load and unload AR300 standard pallets. This design removes the need for a separate loader door.
The AR300 automatic tool loader, is designed and manufactured by ANCA using the latest control technology. It has a fast tool loading and unloading cycle time of 15 seconds which increases grinding efficiency.
The new machine is all-pneumatic - with a pneumatic headstock and a new CAM-driven pneumatic 2 wheel-pack changer. The wheel change is mechanically guided on a circular path. Pneumatics ensures smooth arrival and accurate positioning at its end position after each wheel change motion.
The FX5E Linear machine is suitable for smaller companies, for both regrinding and manufacture. It is a cost-effective choice in the FX product range to effectively grind small to medium size round tools.
The machine is suitable for the automotive, aerospace, and 3C industries as well as medical and woodworking. The machine tool range includes Ballnose and Corner radius endmills and small profile tools and drills.

FX5E Linear machine highlights:
  • The standard FX5E has a pneumatic push only auto headstock, now also available with a push/pull option
  • FX5E is loader ready, fitted with an auto clamp headstock to allow for ANCA’s AR300 loader now or in the future
  • The FX5E has a 9kW grinding spindle (the premium FX5 features a 12kW spindle as standard; and is available with a high-powered 19kW option)

The FX5E boasts ANCA’s high-end technologies including LinX® linear motors with linear scales, and the ANCA remote pendant. As part of the FX machine range, the FX5E features the latest servo drive technology and fast processing ANCA CNC and is fitted with a full-size touch screen.

28 September 2022