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ANCA’s new TapX compensating chuck reduces changeover times from half a day down to under an hour

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Grinding high-speed steel taps, and carbide taps from standard to bespoke forms requires rather different solutions. Several grinding machines are usually required, with each performing a specific feature grinding task. ANCA’s TapX solution makes the impossible possible with the ability to integrate all the various processes required into a single machine, via a single setup.
The TapX's standout feature is its flexibility. It is a specially designed, all-inclusive machine that incorporates essential tooling and ANCA's powerful ToolRoom software. This enables the design and manufacture of a wide range of tap types and sizes in a single setup. It doesn’t take long for customers to see increased productivity and reduced lead times for small batches and unique designs with the TapX.
To further enhance the value of the TapX and support agile tap production, ANCA has developed a new compensating chuck. This chuck allows for effortless transition from chuck to collet in TapX grinding machines, without compromising production quality.

Specifically designed for tap grinding, the new compensating chuck features dead centre jaws used to drive the respective characteristic flats found on Tap tool shanks. Uniquely, the ANCA compensating chuck allows for each jaw to act independently on the drive surface, even if they are not consistent with the tool centreline. Interchangeable jaws and centres are available to accommodate different tool centres and square drives.
The new compensating chuck is optimized for ANCA machines, enabling quick changeover to a collet system. This reduces changeover times from half a day to under an hour compared to the existing chuck system. This feature adds flexibility to the TapX, making it easier to switch between tools with flats and standard round shank tools. Moreover, it extends the same flexibility to other machines, allowing the addition of tap grinding capability with a straightforward and easy setup, making it accessible with a low barrier to entry*.
*Other ANCA machines, such as TX7 or MX7 can accept the compensating chuck to allow for tap grinding, however other machine features and accessories will be required, such as P-axis.

17 August 2023