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How the Whitelist Antivirus helps to protect your ANCA machines from malware

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The McAfee Whitelist Antivirus software will be standard on all ANCA machines built after 1st August 2014, with all authorised ANCA programs registered in advance. This will protect machines from virus infections, as it only allows legitimate programs to execute.

A traditional virus scanning application relies on a blacklist of virus files that are not allowed to execute. For the virus-scanner to remain effective, the blacklist must be continually updated so that new threats are recognised. Whitelisting technology takes the opposite approach and prevents execution of any file that is not on the whitelist.


What is whitelist?

Whitelisting is a practice used to prevent unauthorised programs or third party software being installed and run on machines, therefore providing security and reliability. The purpose is to protect CNC machines from viruses and other harmful applications. It will only allow the user to run the applications granted permission by ANCA. This will put an end to antivirus management requirements and thus increase productivity on machines.


Only “digitally signed” software from ANCA will run on machines. Third party software cannot be installed.




·         Reduce service and quality issues on machines

·         Increase productivity and reduce downtime on machines

·         Protect machines from viruses and unauthorised software

·         Ensures that authorised code cannot be tampered with by preventing changes to all types of selected files, directories and registry keys


McAfee whitelist retrofit kit

CNCs supplied from 1st August 2014 will come with the McAfee Whitelist Antivirus software pre-installed. The whitelist antivirus can be retrofitted on all 5DX and 3DX CNCs running RN31.1-1, RN32.1 and all future releases at a small cost. It is not available on prior releases. The retrofit procedure will erase all existing data on your CNC system, so it is critical to save all important information prior to the whitelist installation.

It is recommended that an ANCA service technician does the installation and configuration of whitelist retrofit.



12 May 2016