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Celebrating CNC grinding on Instagram with ANCA’s very own hashtag #ancagrind

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Instagram is about sharing moments. With the shift to communicating to our peers via digital channels, more people are using pictures to share their stories, even businesses. Let’s look at some statistics - Instagram has 500 million users with 300 million of them using the platform daily. And it’s a global platform, where 80% of users live outside the United States. 

When we launched ANCA’s Instagram page we found a passionate group of tool lovers who are extremely proud of their ANCA machines and the products they create using them. In the three months, since the hashtag #ancagrind went live, we have seen literally hundreds of posts that has been seen by hundreds of thousands of Instagrinders – that is a lot of people who are excited by ANCA! Simply put, people love their CNC grinding. 
We encourage everyone to join the conversation and:
• ask us a question on how to work a feature of your ANCA machine; or
• how to use a software function; or 
• take a picture and share your experiences of ANCA products using the hashtag #ancagrind; or
• learn some new handy tips and tricks for using an ANCA machine

Come and join our Instagram community and peek behind the scenes of how we work at ANCA and get to know our global team through our weekly posts. Instagram is free to download to your phone, so get online and follow us at @ancacncmachines or click here: and start sharing your photos. 

If you ask a question we will try to have an answer for you in a couple of days so you can keep on grinding and know everything there is to know about your ANCA machine.

We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, YouKu and even WeChat! Our lovely hashtag #ancagrind will work on our other channels so if you don’t have an Instagram account feel free to use it on these. We also encourage you to follow us on all our social networks and join our thriving ANCA community.

See some memorable Instagram moments:

Anca #Flashback Friday


We love our customers and their feedback



24 April 2019