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Using LaserPlus to get the tool right every time

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In the last E-news we talked to CARB-I-TOOL about their experience after investing in a MX7 Linear to meet the growing demand of tools machined from plastic and composite materials.

Ross Storay, CARB-I-TOOL production manager reported that when comparing tools ground on the MX7 Linear to the MX7 ballscrew machine, there are significant cycle time benefits., “As well as seeing an improved surface finish, we have achieved a reduction in cycle time of up to 10% when grinding tools on the MX7 Linear.”

Ross also found the force of the MX7 Linear machine is better than the MX7 and can push the machine harder when fluting. Overall Ross found that he was very satisfied with the performance of the MX7 Linear and anticipates that further improvements can be made on their range of tools.

CARB-I-TOOL is a company continually investing in the best equipment. As part of their investment strategy they purchased the LaserPlus measurement system on the MX7 Linear. Using the LaserPlus, the operator can perform accurate in-process measuring without removing tools from the machine. The laser measurement process is fully automated and requires no operator intervention and can measure and maintain an accuracy ± 0.002mm (0,0001”) or less over a large batch of tools.

The LaserPlus is excellent for maintaining tight tolerances on the outside diameter Ross said, “Customers are always demanding tighter tolerances on the tool diameter. With the LaserPlus, we measure the diameter on every tool to ensure the tool is correct first time.”

“Since using the laser we have virtually eliminated scrap tools,” Ross concluded which means CARB-I-TOOLS can be secure in the knowledge the LaserPlus will compensate for any minor variations from the nominal tolerance due to the accuracy and repeatability of the laser.

The CARB-I-TOOL factory in Melbourne, Australia