Examine tool shapes

from any perspective by panning, rotating, zooming and measurement mode to confirm tool design

View every detail

and each pass made by the grinding wheel

Optimise the grinding process

and eliminate collisions on the machine

The 3D revolution which changed an industry

ANCA was the first to introduce true 3D simulation technology for CNC tool and cutter grinding. The user can view the grinding process and the resulting model. On-screen tool model measurements are possible, as are collision detection and process improvement. CIM3D delivers advanced tool simulation quality and an enhanced user-friendly interface for high performance and increased efficiency. 

Amazing and user friendly software. The CIM3D has saved me from crashing more times than I can count. If you have an ANCA and don't have a CIM3D, you need to buy one ASAP. It is also a great training tool for newer operators who are learning to program.

Jonathan Wild
Operations Manager, Arch Rhode Island

I have been using it since 2001 and would tell ANCA customers that it will pay for itself in a year. Now as a customer I believe that even more. ANCA is constantly making great improvements to make this software next to none. I can't wait to see how far it will go.

Chris Wagner
Tool Grind Lead, Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc

Been programming ANCA machines since 1993. The CIM3D is a game changer, allowing me to design custom tools that wouldn't be possible without it.

Jay Costa
Director of Manufacturing Operations, BlackHawk Industrial
CIM3D continues to lead the industry with a wide range of verification features and unmatched 3D quality. The model can be freely moved, zoomed, or rotated for the user to view every detail of the tool.
CIM3D is simulation and verification software that can be used to validate tool geometry, estimate cycle times and perform collision protection with a complete machine model. CIM3D has industry leading visual quality and calculation time.
The powerful measurement tools in CIM3D provide complete flexibility to verify the dimensional accuracy of the simulated part. The part can be accurately sliced and inspected in any orientation, providing fine control of the measurement process.

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