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Reduce machine downtime

by immediate notification via email or SMS

Complete visibility

of the machine status and activity from anywhere in the world when logged into the company’s server

 Production data

can be viewed remotely in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or any smartphone device and tablet

Management Suite: ANCA's new smart factory solution

Virtual machine monitoring technology to achieve premium grinding efficiencies – in or out of the office.  ANCA launches an industry game changer software suite that will enable customers to monitor the overall efficiency and productivity of their machines from the office or anywhere in the world. Management Suite will enable customers to monitor the operational performance of their machines and provide live production and machine data to make informed operational improvements. Discover the benefits of Industry 4.0 and automation by connecting your CNC grinders through ANCA’s new machine monitoring technology.

ANCA is working towards a universal machine tool interface standard: umati, as part of a working group initiated by VDW.

Management Suite

Monitors machine production in real time and delivers up-to-date information with  enhanced easy to read visibility and control in the manufacturing operation.
The tool library provides central management of your tool files on a dedicated server. Version control is built-in, allowing you to see when a change was made and which user made it. You can open older versions of a file and see the difference between any two versions.
Provides a means to easily share wheel packs and qualification data
between machines while maintaining inventory of your wheels and wheel packs.

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