Linear motors

on X and Y axes 

HSS or carbide

tap material

M3 – M0.8

micro tap size range

TapXmicro: Single setup grinding of micro taps 3mm and under

The TapXmicro has been designed as a specialised solution for grinding micro taps. The 5-axis machine includes all the necessary features to support unmanned micro tap production. ANCA’s iTap software allows virtually any tap geometry to be programmed. This is complemented by CIM3D that validates tool geometry and machine moves before grinding. The result is a versatile solution that gives total confidence in producing micro taps for your most demanding customer.


  • Product Details
    TapXmicro covers taps sizes M0.8 up to M3 and is capable of  grinding complete taps in one setup - spiral and forming taps in either HSS or carbide.  TapXmicro gives total flexibility to tackle any job in the compact footprint of a single machine. 
    Includes compensating chuck or collet system and CNC tailstock for precision grinding. Other features such as dual dressing systems, wheel balancing and robotic tool loading ensure confidence with lights out production. 
    Using parametric input of tap geometry, ANCA’s iTap software includes cycles for complete grinding of all features of all types of taps. 
  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Bi-symmetrical gantry
    Spindle Power 9.5kW peak 4.2kW S1
    Wheel Packs 2 x 203 mm (8”) max Option: 6 x 152mm (6”) max
    Loader Type RoboMate
    Drive System Linear Motor


From endmills to punches, taps and PCD tools, ANCA has the machine that meets all your application needs. Learn how ANCA can help you grind the perfect tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grind over M3 taps on TapXmicro?
While the iTap software will allow programming of taps over M3, the TapXmicro has been optimised for taps under M3.  For customers looking to consistently grind taps over M3, ANCA offers the TapX machine which has additional features to support the grinding of larger taps.
What's the difference between grinding HSS and carbide taps?
Aluminium oxide wheels are most typically used for grinding of HSS taps and need to be dressed regularly to keep their form. TapXmicro is fitted with two wheel dressing systems for this purpose. 

Carbide taps are ground with diamond resin bond wheels, which if well dressed (accurate form and zero runout) at the beginning of batch run, will typically hold their form without needing to be dressed during the batch.

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