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Nanometre resolution

1nm resolution on linear axis and 1udeg on rotary axis to give the best surface finish without compromising cycletime

Rotary C-Axis

New mechanical design of the C-Axis to increase stiffness and rigidity, ensuring consistency and stability in grinding process

ToolRoom RN34 software

Software has the ability to design and manufacture complex high performance cutting tools to suit requirements for all industry types

The highest quality from every angle.

The MX7 ULTRA can manufacture large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools of the highest accuracy and quality. The minute size of a micron is beyond the human eye, but in becoming even more precise and moving from micrometres to nanometres, ANCA will offer the highest accuracy and quality in a cutting tool in the market. 
The key to the production process in a large volume production environment is tool accuracy and consistency. The total tool runout compensation maintains the runout of cutting tools under a few microns from start to finish. The industry-first LaserUltra, capable of in-process measurement and compensation to +/-0.002mm ensures your entire production is within the specified tolerance.

Motor Temperature Control (MTC) is a patented (US PAT. 11,394,331, patents pending elsewhere) invention that uses a smart control algorithm to actively manage and maintain the temperature of motorised spindles.

Together, these provide a fully versatile solution that gives total confidence in producing high quality cutting tools for the most demanding requirements.


  • Product Details

    Introducing one nanometre axis resolution, the new MX7 ULTRA machine’s performance can maintain less than +/- 0.002mm line form accuracy of any profile which includes ballnose and corner radius endmills.

    Capable of achieving high quality cutting tools with excellent surface finish, higher accuracy, and controlled runout - ANCA’s new premium machine delivers batch consistency from tool number one to one thousand.

  • Technical Specifications

    Machine Specifications

    Machine Structure Bi-Symmetrical Gantry
    Spindle Power 38 kW (51 HP) peak 20 kW (27 HP) S1
    Wheel Packs 2 x Ø 203 mm (8”) max or 6 Ø x 152 mm (6”) max
    Tool (shank) Diameter Productive up to Ø 25 mm (1”)
    Tool Length (Max) - flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable) 300 mm (12”)
    Dimensions 2246 mm (88”) W *with RoboMate 1856 mm (73”) D 2245 mm (84”) W* 2116 mm (83”) H 2279 mm (90”) D*
    CNC Details ANCA AMC5 G2 High Performance CNC, High Speed SSD, Ethercat, Intel processor, Windows 10

ANCA launches its premium machine

The MX7 ULTRA will produce the highest accuracy and quality cutting tools in the world

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