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Results in one go

EPX completes multiple steps in a single cycle, achieving a 400% reduction in surface roughness without changing the media

Unique cutting-edge advantage

With AI on the rise, let the EPX-SF software craft unique recipes tailored to your applications, enhancing your distinctive value proposition of your tool IP

Superior tool performance

Achieve nano-smooth surfaces (Ra <r 100 nm) and micron-honed edges in record time, with controllable K-factor

EPX-SF: The cutting edge for superior tool performance.

The EPX-SF is an advanced stream finishing machine for consistent micro-cutting-edge preparation and controllable nano-smooth surfaces finishing. The machine is designed to offer flexible solution to tool manufacturers to address productivity targets, rigorous quality control and precision, to deliver superior cutting performance. As result, this is an integral solution to succeed in precision-critical industries, delivering your customers increased tool life, precision, workpiece quality and overall cost-effectiveness. 


The EdgePrep software allows users to craft recipes in minutes, based on extensive libraries of different applications. However, it is more than recipe creation; users can save, track and retrieve quality results in the machine, ensuring that every product meets your quality expectations. This is particularly useful when customers demand full control and traceability at their fingertips.
With 11 axes distributed in three independent spindles, the EPX-SF gives you uninterrupted yet controlled tool edge production with a fully automated loading system capable of processing up to 1800 tools in a day. The machine comes with a tool cleaning station and safety monitoring system that will alert and stop production when a tool is accidentally dropped into the media or if a tool doesn’t have a recipe selected, or if a recipe is not properly selected.
With advanced monitoring features, the EPX-SF provides consistent tool quality output by tracking and adjusting tool submersion during production in real time, adapting to media level changes.
Engineered to master complex tool geometry, the EPX-SF process is designed to deliver results typically under a minute per tool and at a minimal cost of under a dollar. This is achievable thanks to the 11 motors and cyclic mode working together to target specific areas to combat surface burrs and imperfections, leaving other areas alone. With the EdgePrep software, the machine collects the data from production and quality output to improve edge performance and production to minimise cycle times.
Dimensions: L 2414mm x W 2191mm x D 2150mm
Weight: 3165+ kg
Drum Diameter: 940mm
Media Volume (l): 168
Working Power Consumption:

Performance: Heads: 3
Tool Diameters (mm): 3-25.4
Tool Length (mm): 50-250
Max workpiece weight (kg): 4
Head rotational speed (RPM): 2000
Avg. Edge Radius (µm): 16.53 
Surface Finishing (µm): 0.11 
Head rotational speed (RPM): 2000
Media type (wet/Dry): Dry
Avg. Process Time: Process time per head (tool/min): 1*
Process cycle with automation (tool/min): 2*
Tool Management: Capacity (# of tools): 4x pallets
Automated Collect replacement: No
Rotational direction: CW/CCW
Automated Angular position: 35°
Safety features: Dust filtering system
Column locking mechanism for maintenance
Anti collision system
Hands off drum replacement
Deadman switch
Others: Industry 4.0 Enabled
Remote technical assistance. 
ERP Connectivity
Tool Cleaning
Automated media level compensation. Drum replacement mechanism Surface finishing turn key solutions

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