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Measure tools on the machine

with accuracy up to 0.002mm (< 0.0001”)

Allows accurate comparison

and measurement of the actual cutting tool to the nominal tool profile

Eliminates accuracy loss

that occurs when tools are transferred between grinding/measuring machines

iView: Vision with precision

iView is a measuring system that is able to measure the ground tool while it is still in the workholding in the grinding machine. The image of the ground tool taken by the iView camera is compared with an ideal overlay profile which is generated by the iView software. The tool size is then automatically compensated based on the overlay.
A semi-automatic measurement and compensation of profile tools, ballnose and corner radius tools, etc. inside the machine. Tool views are visible on the machine screen enlarged to 100 or 300 times.
Two magnification options available:

FX Linear: 90x to 360x

MX/TX Linear: 100x and 300x
Endface measurements include land widths, lip distances, chisel angles etc. and do not require camera commissioning or qualification.


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