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Provides improved tool surface finish

due to the removal of wheel vibration


and practical


graphical interface

iBalance: Wheel balancing system

iBalance is a unique ANCA software product which can monitor wheel vibrations and balance wheels using the technology already built into our range of machines. It has been designed to determine whether a wheel is out of balance, then prompt and guide the operator through a series of steps to bring the wheel into balance.
iBalance software uses hardware already in place on the machine to balance wheel packs mounted inside the machine at the correct grinding position and wheel RPM.
Correctly balanced wheel packs result in superior surface finish and reduces wheel wear due to the elimination of wheel vibration attributed to an out-of-balance wheel pack.
A balanced wheel increases wheel life and produces better quality tools. The lesser the vibration, the better the quality of the tool cutting edge. As there is no additional hardware to maintain, the balance system is as reliable as the machine itself. 

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