The Factory of the Future is coming.

The future of toolmaking is closer than it appears. Are you ready?

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Does the factory of the future sound like science fiction?


Reducing the cost of production by 50%

Designing and testing tools without grinding

Monitoring and managing production from anywhere

Grinding tools in batches of one

Lasers checking tool geometry without stopping production

Predicting breakdowns before they happen

Machines operating unattended around the clock

Robots running your factory


But it’s not the future. It’s now. And you’re closer than you think.


For all the noise and focus on emerging technology, chances are much of what the factory of the future will require you may have already implemented.  It’s just a matter of just taking the time to think holistically about your business operations in order to maximise productivity, and ensure you stay competitive


In our new ebook, we discuss:

  • What the factory of the future promises
  • The technology that’s ready to enable this now
  • The benefits that actual customers are experiencing,
  • Where the best places for you to focus on your own journey to becoming a factory of the future.