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Diversify your wood tool applications
on ANCA FX machines.

ANCA’s woodworking solution for the FX5 and FX7 offers outstanding flexibility for unattended production.

Work holding solutions for profile blade and solid routers with quick changeover times
Option for up to 6 wheel packs with automatic changing ensure the right wheels are immediately available for a variety of tool grinding requirements
Dedicated application software for profile blades, compression routers, standard routers and spirals, drills and profile routers
LaserPlus can be applied to compression and standard routers to guarantee router diameter is accurate and consistent in unattended production

ANCA’s Blade Chuck Solution

ANCA is well known for offering standard and special custom solutions for our customers. 

With over 45 years' experience delivering CNC grinders to customers around the world, ANCA carries a reputation for delivering solutions to meet market needs.

When ANCA designs a custom solution, we give our customers tailored and diverse options with shorter set-up times. In an increasingly challenging market, companies grinding tools are always looking at innovative products and diversifying into different sectors using existing or new machinery. 
ANCA's new package provides more flexibility and capability for unattended production of wood tools on the FX5 and FX7 machines. Special tooling systems offers the ability to easily change automated production between woodworking profile blades, used to form skirting boards and architraves, and solid round shank tools such as routers and drills used in production of furniture and cabinetry.

FAMEG approached ANCA to see if we could find a custom solution for our FX grinding machine to have greater flexibility and capability for unattended production of wood tools. In partnering with FAMEG, we now have developed a machine package ideally suited to companies operating in the wood cutting tool industry.

Duncan Thompson
ANCA Special Projects Manager

FAMEG's specialised solution for producing wood cutting tools in-house

Diversify your wood tool grinding on ANCA FX machines

ANCA grinding solutions for the woodworking industry

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