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How ANCA is elevating cutting tool manufacturing in India

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Orient Tools is a reputed cutting tool manufacturer based out of Pune, India, and dedicated to providing efficient and precise cutting tools that enhance productivity and quality. One of the hallmarks of Orient Tools has been its consistent efforts to incorporate cutting-edge equipment into its shop floor. Among the leading brands the company has collaborated with to achieve this goal is ANCA CNC Machines, a globally recognized machine tool manufacturer. By utilizing ANCA machines, Orient Tools has increased its production capacity and raised the bar for the quality of its products, setting new standards in the industry.

Established in 2011 by Deepak Das, Orient Tools has established itself as a leading manufacturer and regrinder of Solid Carbide, Brazed Carbide, High-Speed Steel (HSS), and Lugged Carbide tools in India. Deepak Das took a brave step when multinationals dominated the Indian cutting tool market, and his belief proved successful. The success story of Orient Tools proves how embracing technology can help organizations elevate their performance.

Deepak divides his company journey into three parts – establishing the company's existence, expanding their manufacturing capability, and finally establishing Orient Tools as a high-quality global cutting tool manufacturer. In the first two years, he and his three colleagues work hard to prove their value in the market. Then, they expanded by adding two more machines in 2013, and Orient Tools was encouraged to compete in the Indian market for cutting tools.
The company set its sights on producing top-notch products, and within the next couple of years, received good responses from the market. From here Deepak expanded the company’s manufacturing capability by adding a third machine, a CNC machine. "It was a challenging journey for me and Orient Tools in the initial years. We were on our own and received no support when it came to expanding our capabilities, getting the finances for new machines, etc. However, we learned from our mistakes, responded to the market, and were able to make our name within a concise period as a trusted cutting tool manufacturer in India", shared Deepak Das.
Deepak Das's next challenge was achieving complex geometries, specific cutting tool profiles, and mass production. This time, Deepak decided to go with the best machine available in the world, ANCA CNC Machines with robotic function.

"After a few years, we felt that we needed to improve the profile of the cutting tools to meet the customer specifications. So, we decided to purchase an ANCA CNC machine with a Nachi Robot. It was the first machine for a local cutting tool manufacturer in India to purchase an ANCA Robotic machine."

Deepak Das found his best manufacturing partner in ANCA, adding, "The advantages of the ANCA machine are that it is effortless to operate and cost-effective. Every machine manufacturer has their advantages and disadvantages, but with the ANCA machine, I found it to be an excellent machine for cutting tool manufacturing.”

ANCA has several advantages, such as ease of operation and cost-effectiveness, which make it a preferred choice for Orient Tools. In addition, the company received an excellent response for its cutting tools from its customers after using the ANCA machine, which further strengthened its belief in the product. Consequently, Orient Tools purchased two more ANCA machines in 2019 and 2020. Today, the company has six machines, out of which three are ANCA machines, and it has already placed an order for another ANCA machine.
"One of the significant benefits of the ANCA machine is its low maintenance and high uptime, which ensures uninterrupted production. In addition, the machine's programming is user-friendly, allowing for effortless customization and control", said Deepak Das. As a result, the company has never faced significant breakdowns with the ANCA machine and is highly satisfied with its service.
"In terms of servicing, we have never faced such lengthy breakdowns with the ANCA machine. We have been using the ANCA machine for the last six years, and if there is ever an issue, we get the machine part serviced within 24 hours. So, we have always been comfortable with their service. Overall, the ANCA machine is very cool for cutting tool manufacturing", shares Deepak Das.
Orient Tools' success story demonstrates how the ANCA machine helped the company increase its production capabilities and reach customers with quality offerings. The ease of operation, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance of the ANCA CNC Machines have made it a preferred choice for cutting tool manufacturers in India. With the increasing demand for high-quality products and efficient production, the ANCA machines will likely play a pivotal role in India's cutting tool industry's growth in the coming years.

5 October 2023