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Sincerity is the key: ANCA and Xiamen Golden Egret work together for growth

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"Despite the multiple influencing factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, power rationing during hot months, and chip shortage, Xiamen Golden Egret has steadily improved its performance in 2022, with export volume of some products higher than market average in China. This is the result of rapid industry development, lean production and the fact that we are working together with premium suppliers like ANCA on a long term basis, striving for win-win outcomes."

   ——DONG Binglin, Tools Engineer, Xiamen Golden Egret

Sincere cooperation driven by professionalism

Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture in the high-tech industry. The company is committed to the production and supply of high-quality tungsten powder materials, cemented carbide, precision cutting tools and other tungsten products. It is also a supplier and exporter of tungsten powder materials and cemented carbide, and a manufacturer of high-quality carbide and precision cutting tools. The company provides specialised machining solutions for various high-end applications in aerospace, automotive processing, energy, heavy industry, equipment, mould and die, and the 3C industry. ANCA has been dedicated to the Chinese market for the past two decades. The company closely follows market demand to increase its investment in R&D and production in China, promotes market and technological progress together with its partners, and makes positive contributions to the local carbide tools market.
The year 2006 marks the beginning of a great partnership between Xiamen Golden Egret and ANCA, which has continued to grow for the next decades. Back then, Xiamen Golden Egret started to extend its tungsten powder products. A cutting tool department was set up, and the company began looking for the right machining equipment. After researching and comparing both Chinese and international manufacturers, the company finally decided on ANCA. “As far as we were aware, ANCA had not been in the Chinese market for long at that time, but it offered an extensive product portfolio, reliable performance and a sound reputation for service. This made ANCA a good match for our production needs at that time, so we began working with them," recalls Mr. Dong.

At the beginning of the cooperation, Xiamen Golden Egret used the ANCA TX7 grinding machine. To prepare technicians for operation as soon as possible, ANCA sent after-sales staff over for training, communication and guidance, so as to respond and address software problems in production in a timely and precise manner. The machine demonstrated outstanding performance through various tests, drawing more purchase orders from Xiamen Golden Egret, including for the MX series later. To improve the use of machine, Xiamen Golden Egret required additional technical features. ANCA responded by listening carefully and carrying out vigorous testing to successfully add the new features. After joint efforts from both sides, the new ANCA MX5 model was born. The machine, which was tailor-made for Xiamen Golden Egret, has since become a best-seller in the tooling industry, receiving extensive praise from customers. This lay a good foundation for ANCA's subsequent expansion into the tooling market.
ANCA has earned the trust and recognition of Xiamen Golden Egret, as the long-term strategic partnership holds. This owes to the fact that ANCA offers unique product features and excellent performance. Take MX7, which is currently the most used machine by Xiamen Golden Egret, as an example. The machine is equipped with 6-station wheel changer, which can hold more wheel packs than others, thus avoiding frequent changes during machining whilst improving efficiency and quality. Meanwhile, it offers the advantage of processing different types of tools such as 3C tools and contouring tools. As for software services, ANCA responds swiftly to the requests of Xiamen Golden Egret. If an issue persists, the headquarters will assist in optimisation, system upgrade, or joint development. Mr. Dong explains: “With the support of ANCA, we have recently upgraded the MX7 machine with automated production of large-size tools that was not possible in the past. This has greatly improved work efficiency. After the upgrade, a single shift can produce about 24-25 pieces of tools instead of 20."

Joining forces with a pragmatic approach

From grinding machine trials to the multiple orders, the two partners have established a mutual trust, stable and win-win partnership. After years of cooperation, ANCA proves to be a trustworthy partner in the eyes of its customers, not only with high-quality products, but also with a dedicated and professional sales and service team. The company gathers creative power of designers in the tooling industry and injects vitality into manufacturing enterprises. To improve the quality of design, ANCA organises an annual “Tool of the Year” competition where contestants use ANCA software to deliver the spirit of perseverance, craftsmanship and inspirational innovation in the creativity of their works.

As a contestant of the competition, Mr. Dong has been tremendously impressed by the limitless potential of the ANCA software. All of the entries sparkle attraction from appearance, connotation, science to practicality, bringing the ANCA software to its fullest function and design. Mr. Dong’s design was created with the ANCA TOOLROOM RN34 software using features including the double corner radius, multiple tool combination, contour 3D front angle compensation, corner front angle compensation and automatic tool balancing. His design won the Virtual Tools Simulation Design Award. Xiamen Golden Egret has continued to invest in R&D in recent years. Mr. Dong hopes to find inspiration and creativity from the entries and turn them into R&D results to create more value for the company.
Technology is the first productive force and innovation the first driving force to lead development. As a technician, Dong Binglin is a tireless explorer and mover on the road of technological innovation, and a loyal user of ANCA products. He is highly satisfied with the after-sales service of ANCA and software updates. He expresses his eagerness to try out ANCA products, technologies or new software functions as soon as they are available, and is looking forward to the next ANCA Tool of the Year competition. As Xiamen Golden Egret continues to grow and develop, it relies on technological innovation as an accelerator of quality improvement. ANCA, as its long-term partner, strives to work together and forge ahead in innovation.

12 January 2023