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ANCA Tool of the Year

Enter now for a chance to win a trip to Australia or $10,000 worth of ANCA innovations for parts, accessories or software!

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Why Enter?

Because if you are a Cutting Tool Manufacturer  you could win business just from submitting!

We have international judges and partners  from the biggest names in industry who will be looking at your work in detail.
Show off your work, you don't even need to win, to win!

As a long-standing partner of ANCA in the field of grinding and EDM fluid technology, it is a special honour for oelheld to be able to accompany ANCA's "Tool of the Year" competition. We are pleased to provide the winner with 1,000 litres of one of ours super high-performance grinding or EDM fluids. To ensure that the right fluid is selected from our extensive range of grinding and EDM fluids, we will provide our know-how in the form of detailed advice as usual.

Manfred Schweizer
Sen. Manager Asia / Pacific, oelheld GmbH

Entering the ANCA Tool of the Year Award is your greatest opportunity of the year to generate: 


High-profile, prestigious exposure

An invaluable boost to your brand credentials

An outstanding success story to share with your audience

Recognition and motivation for your staff

A wider network of key industry innovators, leaders and influencers


ANCA Tool Of The Year 2022 Judging Panel:

I have great respect for our customers’ knowledge in designing and grinding quality cutting tools. Their skills drive our industry forward and most of ANCA’s new technology is born from a customer’s need to achieve something new. We should celebrate the collective acumen of our industry and showcase the fantastic work that is conducted every day to build our world. I encourage all cutting tool makers to enter our competition and show off your talents.

Pat Boland
Co-Founder at ANCA

The Tool of the Year competition displayed how well our customers make use of the flexibility of our software and machines to design and manufacture complex cutting tool geometries.

Xiaoyu Wang
Software Product Manager, ANCA