Touch-screen friendly controls

allow full manipulation of the models on the machine


through scripting is a unique feature of ANCA software

Integrated 3D graphics

make on-machine programming a breeze with grinding simulation performed after any parameter change providing instant visual feedback

Industry leading grinding software

ANCA's ToolRoom software provides industry renowned tool design flexibility, from the simplest to the most challenging tasks. With the benefit of over 40 years of grinding knowledge, ToolRoom ensures that your ANCA grinder will efficiently handle any manufacturing or regrinding challenge. Flexibility is further enhanced by the fact that ANCA develops all aspects of the machine in house - from the CNC control system and application software to the machine and its accessories. This allows for special software to be developed to suit your unique needs.
Tool wizards, integrated 3D graphics, clear help images and easy-to-use touchscreens are just some examples of how ANCA has the perfect balance of flexibility and user-friendliness.
ToolRoom software suite provides industry renowned tool design flexibility from the simplest to the most challenging tasks. ToolRoom ensures that your ANCA grinder will efficiently handle any manufacturing or regrinding challenges.
Suitable for everything from endmills, drills, and special tools to a wide variety of medical instruments, aerospace components and supporting the wood working industry.
  • Tool balancing – How perfectly balanced tools can achieve longer tool life and better surface finish
  • Ballnose aggressive cutting edge – designer cutting edge helps to improve tool life and can machine much harder materials
  • Double radius tools – This is new technology to the industry and will adapt to the new machining centres
  • Chisel edge – Centre cutting on ballnose tools specially in the die mould industry
  • Variable helix with variable index – This is required to handle the harmonics from milling machines
  • Helical fir tree cutters – New product for manufacturing and regrinding of Christmas tree cutters for the aerospace and power generation industry
  • LaserPlus to support all the above features which is unique to ANCA
  • Threadmills – Threadmills at volume production with laser support
  • PCD Pocket – New market segment with spindle speed increaser
  • Lollipop cutters – Support for the aerospace industry
  • Zoller interface closed loop

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