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Fast dressing

Wire EDM process shapes the wheel quicker than standard dressing

Accurate form

Complex profiles can be dressed to very high accuracy

Longer wheel life

Wheel life is improved as the bonded diamonds remain in place longer and more of the grits remain after dressing

Latest technology for dressing Metal Bonded grinding wheels

The advantages of Metal Bonded (MB) wheels for grinding are well known. MB wheels have grown in popularity due to performance benefits when grinding. Until now, the difficultly in dressing these wheels has been a restriction in there use for many customers. The MP1200 and MV1200 R Wire EDM machines are unrivalled in the marketplace for dressing of MB wheels. Wire EDM provides an easier, faster, more accurate, and high performing dressing process for CBN and Diamond MB wheels.

ANCA has partnered with Mitsubishi Electric Europe – the leader in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) dressing technology. ANCA is now an official distributer of Wire EDM machines in Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions

MP1200 and MV1200 R Wire EDM Dresser

MB wheels dressed using the MP1200 and MV1200 R machines will provide significantly higher feedrates and hold form for longer while producing more tools on an ANCA tool and cutter grinder. This offers a huge advantage to the grinder in terms of cycle time and productivity. The accuracy of the wheels dressed using the EDM process also reduces the need for adjustments or compensations to get the produced tools in tolerance. The time saved, increase in grinding wheel performance and superior cutting tools will provide a quick return on investment.

Comparison between the MP120 and MV1200 R
The main differences between the machines are price and accuracy. When the ultimate accuracy of 1-2 microns required on grinding wheel profiles the MP1200 machine is the solution. When an accuracy of 4-5µmm on wheel profile is acceptable, the MV1200 R version machine is easily capable of meeting these tolerances.
  • Wire EDM Process can shape the wheel quicker than standard dressing
  • Once set up, the machine does not need an operator to dress the wheels (saving money)
  • Wire EDM process is non-contact
  • Complex forms and profiles can be dressed easily
  • Only the bond is eroded, leaving the diamonds exposed (the diamond is not conductive and is not touched or deformed during the EDM dressing process)
  • Lower spindle loads for the same Material Removal Rate (MRR)
  • Grinding wheels dressed using the wire EDM process do not require sticking of the wheel
  • Wheel life is improved as the bonded diamonds remain in place longer and more of the grits remain after dressing
  • The process is clean – dressing is performed under water
  • No dust or pollution -extraction is not required as with stand-alone dresser
  • Technical Specifications
    Mechanical Construction: Submerged / Split-Axis-Concept

    Strokes X, Y, Z: 400mm (16”) x 300mm (12”) x 220 mm (8 ¼”)

    Strokes U V: 120mm (4.7”) x 120 mm (4.7”)

    Maximum Grinding wheel that can be dressed: 250mm (10”)

    Maximum Workpiece Dimension: 810mm (32”) x 700mm (27”) x 215 mm (9”)

    Maximum Workpiece Weight: 500 kg (1102 lbs)

    Accepts HSK50 and BT40 wheel arbors

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