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Easy and fast

to assemble modular system

Long life span

A one-off investment for long-term savings and efficiency

Robust design

Made of high strength anodised aluminium, withstands up to 80 bar

A robust, flexible, time-saving solution

The Piranha Cooling Line is a unique, flexible and robust solution for precise coolant supply. It is designed to withstand pressure up to 80 bar, made of high-strength anodised aluminium, and can be fitted to all ANCA grinding machines. Piranha Cooling Lines offer a great deal of flexibility, allowing for precise delivery of the cooling liquid to the grinding point. The modular design saves setup time and allows for a high level of customisation. 
You can quickly assemble a cooling line specific to your application using individual segments and components like building blocks, saving time and money. Available in ¼” and ½” diameter.
The cooling lines are made from anodised aluminium with 60HRB hardness, which means it will not deflect or bend under pressure. A one-off purchase will last for years, making it the perfect investment for your ANCA machine.
Coolant will be delivered precisely to the grinding point, reducing the risk of tool burn. Thanks to laminar flow provided by the nozzles, the cooling line can be positioned further away from the grinding point which reduces the risk of collision.

I have nothing but positive feedback. I immediately observed higher pressure and a more accurate and straight flow over a longer distance, meaning we were able to shorten the coolant lines and have more clearance room for the wheels. The higher and more direct pressure due to the multi hole nozzle design also means less carbide load up in the wheel and lower spindle load overall, reducing cycle time and increasing wheel life.

Brady Roarke
Lead Machinist, Miltera Machining Research Corp.

Piranha lines withstand the working coolant pressure without changing position or deflecting under pressure. Included dedicated spanners speed up the setup process. There’s no need to use the bending and cutting tools as we used to with the copper pipes. Frequent setup change doesn’t affect the quality of the connections, there’s no evidence of any leaks which is common with the current systems we’re using. The kit we’re using works great in our factory!

Janusz Dobrzaniecki

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