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Automate and refine

the tool measurement process

Automatic communication

between the Zoller and ANCA machine removes any need for manual input

Significant efficiencies

guarantee a better-quality tool and reduces waste

Measuring and compensating the perfect tool with ANCA and Zoller technology

As a tool maker it is imperative to ensure your geometry is exactly right to ensure a superior cutting performance. Getting this right gives the edge over competition and is what ultimately builds a successful tool maker’s reputation. Zoller’s measurement machines and ANCA software easily communicate to simplify and improve tool measurement, wheel measurement, form measurement and compensation processes. This partnership provides key benefits to our customers by automating and refining the tool measurement process.
Traditional tool measurement required grinding a tool and then manually taking it to a separate measurement machine to verify the design parameters, such as helix, outside diameter, and rake angle. The second consideration in the process was the tool compensation to ensure what is ground matches the original drawing parameters. The risk doing these steps manually is that there will be errors in the data, causing needless grinding waste.
We partnered with Zoller to build the infrastructure and shared systems to enable automatic communication between the Zoller and ANCA grinding machine, removing any need for manual input. For customers who set  their machine shops to automate their tool grinding processes can deliver significant efficiencies, guarantees a better-quality tool and reduces waste.


“It comes down to being very granular and to ensure we intimately know each other’s product.” - Thomson Mathew, ANCA Software Product Manager

"The Zoller manufacturing and research and development centre in Germany has the latest versions of our ANCA ToolRoom and simulation software for testing during product development, and we have the latest version of their software and hardware on-site to ensure the product developments will work in union."

“Special interfaces have been developed for communication, such as the Measurement Machine Wizard software which is automatically updates at both ends whenever there is a measurement and compensation requirement. The data can be transferred through shop’s network if the ANCA machine and Zoller are on the same network or through a USB stick.”

"The Zoller Genius and the whole Zoller team have really helped us to be more repetitive and competitive" - California Tool

»genius 3«
  • 5-axis fully automatic inspection of cutting tools
  • Enables user-independent in-house certification of tools
  • Over 1,000 worldwide installations

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  • Unprecedented focus on build quality              
  • Process Security
    • User independent macros
    • Auto-lighting
    • Automatic zoom
    • Automatic edge recognition
  • Customizable inspection reports
  • Optional camera for micro tools

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