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Reduces tool burn

and wheel glazing

Improves feed rates

and reduces cycle times

Increases life expectancy

of grinding wheels

AutoStick: In-process wheel conditioning system

The AutoStick is the automatic wheel-conditioning system for ANCA's tool grinders. Automatic wheel conditioning  improves the life and grinding performance of resin bond grinding wheels. When continually grinding, wheels become glazed or loaded. The sticking process exposes the wheel grit and removes chips (swarf) embedded in the wheel so the wheel cuts better.


  • Wheels mounted on a wheel pack can be conditioned quickly, easily and automatically
  • Excellent for use with resin bonded CBN & diamond grinding wheels
  • Regular white-sticking of grinding wheels
  • Reduces tool burn and material damage
  • Ensures free cutting wheels with lower spindle loads
  • Facilitates improved feed rates and reduced cycle times
  • Increases life expectancy of the wheels
  • Automated feature: reduces down time during production
  • Facilitates longer unmanned production runs because wheel condition is maintained
  • Eliminates operator contact from manual interaction improving operator safety
  • Retrofittable to existing MX machines in the field.
The AutoStick is available in four and single station versions.
The "Dress Wheel" operation in ANCA’s iGrind software allows full control over the AutoStick geometry and management with the following features:
  • Wheel profile
  • Wheel speed
  • Frequency of sticking
  • C-axis position
  • Depth of sticking via plunge/wipe
  • Compensation for wheel wear
  • Selection of wheel surface (front, back or periphery)
  • Wheel position (3 o’clock or 9 o’clock)
  • Functionality
    • Clean
    • “L” clean
    • Plunge
    • Wipe
These features combined with the flexibility of the software uses the least amount of AutoStick material required in the most efficient manner.

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