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Reduces operator intervention

when teaching

Reduces teaching time

from several hours to under 30 minutes

 One teach tooling kit

can be used on multiple ANCA machines with RoboMate

RoboTeach: Automatic reteaching of RoboMate loader position

ANCA's RoboTeach offers automatic teaching of the RoboMate Fanuc 200 iD robots on ANCA's MX and TX machine range. RoboTeach works by using the high accuracy of the grinding machine to measure the robot position, and then calibrate the robot. The robot position is measured using an electrical contact touch probe held in the robot gripper, and a sphere held in the machine collet adaptor.
The features that can be taught using RoboTeach are:
  • Teaching the gripper tool centre points (TCPs)
  • Teaching the collet position
  • Teaching the pallets (which are called userframes)
  • Teaching the userframes Z offset height
RoboTeach will ensure consistency during the teaching process and enable customers to increase their production output and maximise productivity.
The operator is guided through the teaching process by easy-to-follow instructions  on the operator screen within the Loadermate software. 

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