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ANCA UK Open House 2024

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ANCA invites you to be part of an exciting Open House experience at our UK facility as we proudly commemorate 50 years of innovation. Get ready for a day filled with inspiration, cutting-edge technology, and a celebration of our rich history of engineering excellence! 


Date: April 17-18, 2024
Location: ANCA UK


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Address Eastwood Business Village, Harry Weston Rd, Binley, Coventry CV3 2UB, UK


What to expect at our Open House


New ToolRoom Software - RN35 and CIM3D simulation software
Explore the latest advancements in software technology designed to elevate your machining capabilities.

ULTRA Technology on MX ULTRA
Witness firsthand the unparalleled precision and surface finish achieved by our best-in-class ULTRA technology.

Complete Tool Machining with Peel Grinding live on MX7 ULTRA
Experience the efficiency and precision of complete tool machining with live demonstrations on the MX7 ULTRA.

 Blank Preparation on ANCA’s CPX
Discover the power behind our CPX machine, redefining the blank preparation process.

AutoMarkX Automated Laser Marking
Witness the efficiency and accuracy of our automated laser marking solutions in action.

RFID Regrind Solution
Understand how to reduce lead times via RFID technology only.