Get ready to enter Industry 4.0 with ANCA

Get ready to enter Industry 4.0 with ANCA - ToolRoom software focused on manufacturing the most complex tool geometries of the future with the perfect balance and showcasing the industry 4.0 solution for tomorrow’s smart factories
Visit us at Stand C109, Hall 4

Get a live demo of our ToolRoom software which specialises in complex cutting tool geometries for the aerospace, die mould and power generation industry. See how it can help you design and manufacture complex tool geometries and getting them balanced perfectly for optimal cutting conditions. New at the show is our endmill cycles for ballnose and corner radius, tool balancing and next generation fluting cycles. Launched last year, ANCA’s new Management Suite, either on the premise or cloud is a game changer for the CNC grinding industry. It provides customers the technology to monitor the performance of their machines no matter where they are in the world. The new software also enables companies to run smart factories by providing live production information to make data-based decisions on operational improvements.

Email us at marketing@anca.com to book a free demo at IMTEX 2019 to see ANCA's Redax 2.0 cloud software.

FX7 Linear is a great solution on a budget

The FX7 Linear at IMTEX will have a range of automation options to maximise any customer’s tool production. Visit our stand to see the AR300 loader in action. We will be demonstrating a dry-cycle tool regrind demo, allowing our customers to see up-close the tool load/unload capabilities of the loader.

Together, the AR300 loader coupled with the FX7 Linear, offers increased productivity and exceptional value for money. The LaserPlus option provides automatic laser tool measurement and compensation to maintain a geometric tolerance of +/-0.002mm over small or large tool batches. There will be a dry-cycle tool production demo of compression routers (up/down cutters), which the LaserPlus is ideal for as it measures the OD for each of the up cutter and down cutter sections, guaranteeing tool accuracy for both manufacturing and regrind applications.

All the machine options are contained within the compact machine footprint, so there is no need for extra floorspace. Ask one of the ANCA sales team for a personal demonstration to learn more about the FX7 Linear and its options:

Feature-packed grinding expert: the MX7 Linear

The popular MX7 Linear is a powerful versatile, next-generation CNC grinding machine designed to meet the rigorous demands of production grinding. A hardworking, high productivity system, its unique features make it capable of handling varied batch sizes with minimum set up time. The MX7 Linear is driven by LinX cylindrical linear motors (on the X & Y axes) to provide greater performance, higher feed rates and a superior surface finish on the ground tool. The machine will also be demonstrating a loading system called RoboMate which includes a Fanuc Robot. RoboMate is a robot loader, a reliable, cost-effective tool loader designed to enhance the productivity of the MX range of machines. Designed with high levels of safety and ergonomics, the Fanuc robot is one of the most sought-after in industry ideal for loading complex-shaped parts that usually present problems for conventional loading systems. The system can be adapted easily for other operations such as laser etching. A Fanuc Robot can be fitted on several different types of ANCA tool grinding machines.
Visit the stand and see how the following features greatly improve grinding capabilities: