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Launched at EMO 2019 – our latest generation of ToolRoom boasts a new tool balancing feature to eliminate noise and vibrations while improving machine life and surface finish

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Tool balancing is a valuable offering for users chasing maximum productivity. Correcting tool balance is useful in cases where the endmill has only one flute or an odd number of flutes, flutes are unevenly spaced, flutes have variable helix, and other unevenly-positioned features (such as chip breakers) enabling the tool to perform at very high speeds and feeds.

Tool balancing minimises the influence of eccentric weight distribution when using high-speed spindles. It can
  • eliminate noise and vibration,
  • improve machine bearing life,
  • improve surface finish on work products, and
  • decrease the need for maintenance.
Thomson Mathew, ANCA Software Product Manager said: “Fighting chatter has often been the end goal when grinding a high performance endmill. Chatter happens when the harmonics of an endmill and a workpiece are at different frequencies, with these two objects hitting together, resulting in noise and damage. Endmills have been designed to avoid or minimise chatter through variable helix/lead and pitch. Variable Helix/lead with angle changes along a flute have also been used. These options can change the angle and the timing with which the workpiece is engaged.”
“Direct communication between design and simulation software packages has simplified tool balancing and made it a breeze.”
ToolRoom RN34 is a specially designed software package for the aerospace, die mould, general machining and power generation industries. Boasting a whole range of new features, customers can get improved productivity or minimise chatter through the intuitive design of high performance, complex endmills.

View a preview video on the new feature here:

20 September 2019