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Tap Grinding on the TXcell - Bigger Wheels, More Wheels

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Why Grind Taps in a Single Set-up?

ANCA’s single set-up tap grinding on the TXcell eliminates production lines of single process grinders and introduces new levels of production flexibility for tap manufacturers. Having one machine for complete tap grinding means lower costs by reducing capital investment, factory floor space, inventory, manual tool handling and machine set-up time. All without compromising ANCA's trademark flexibility.

ANCA pioneered the all-in-one tap grinding solution with the TapX. ANCA now takes this a step further with the TXcell for Tap Grinding. With its robot cell seamlessly integrated with the machine, TXcell offers faster set-up and cycle times, increased productivity and superior accuracy.


Faster Tap Grinding Cycle Times


TXcell comes standard with 9 wheel packs, allowing you the luxury of one grinding wheel per arbor; a huge bonus for tap grinding. The work-space of a tap grinder is usually crammed with complex tooling and getting clear access to the workpiece with 2 or more wheels on an arbor can be difficult.  This can result in over-dressing a wheel simply for clearance reasons.  Setting up one wheel per arbor on the TXcell eliminates this waste.

With 9 wheel packs you also have the space to run separate roughing and finishing wheels to speed up your cycle times.

Quicker Set-ups with TXcell


Keep your complete wheel library on the machine.  So when the next job arrives, there's no costly down-time while you reload and re-dress a different set of wheels.  And if 9 wheel packs isn't enough, TXcell can be optioned up to 24 wheel packs. 

Increased Productivity and Flexibility


Automatic tool loading is integrated with TXcell - 2 pallets as standard, but it can be optioned up to 4 pallets for exceptionally long, unmanned batches.

The secret to TXcell's productivity and flexibility is in the use of its integrated robot to:

  • load tools
  • load grinding wheels
  • perform post-process operations

Normally, a robot is dedicated to one job, but in line with ANCA's all-in-one design philosophy, we make the robot work harder, so you get more productivity for less capital.  Why have the robot sitting idle while the machine is busy grinding?  With TXcell, you can set the robot to work on post-process operations such as brush honing or laser etching without adding to your overall cycle time.

ANCA's flexible RoboMate software, which comes standard on TXcell, even allows you to program mixed batches of tools in a single, unmanned production run.

Superior Accuracy


On the TXcell, maximum wheel diameter has been increased 50% to an impressive 300mm (12”).  Larger grinding wheels deliver longer wheel life and produce better workpiece size stability, while needing less dressing.

Also, TXcell's new spindle orientation lock ensures that wheels are always reloaded in exactly the same orientation in which they were dressed.

These two features combine to significantly reduce runnout and enable TXcell to hold tighter tolerances for longer.


ANCA’s Heritage in Tap Grinding


ANCA has many years experience with all-in-one, flexible tap grinding, first with the TapX and now with the TXcell for Tap Grinding. As with the TapX, TXcell for Tap Grinding has all the proven ANCA features you need to grind taps in a single set-up:

- iTap, dedicated tap grinding software
- Compensating chuck which holds a variety of tool sizes between centres in one set-up
- P-axis tailstock with programmable force control for clamping between centres
- Dual wheel dressers, one for theading, one for your other wheels
- Auto adjusting coolant nozzles which reduce tool burn as the wheel changes size
- CIMulator3D software for complete off-line program setting and checking
- iBalance for on-machine wheel balancing
- iFlute software to automatically dress wheels to match your desired flute shapes 

TXcell for Tap Grinding delivers class-leading flexibility, productivity and accuracy for carbide and HSS tap production. Book a demo today and see for yourself why ANCA is known as the innovator in the tap grinding industry.

5 September 2011