CH Tools remains competitive despite rising labour costs

Chinese tool maker CH Tools is taking a smart approach to managing labour costs to reap the benefits of a booming market


CH Tools was founded in 1992 and has over 450 staff manufacturing over 10,000 types of cutting tools, specialising in hole making processing.


Zhu Dongwei, Chairman and General Manager of CH Tools said: “When serving our customers, we focus on delivering high quality products that are competitively priced. To achieve this, we need to be efficient to keep costs down but also to ensure we meet our deliver schedules. We offer this service regardless of what product they need, be it a bulk order or small batch order.”

“The cutting tool industry has a very bright future in China as we are transforming into one of the greatest manufacturing powerhouses globally. To support this growth China requires significant support and resources from the manufacturing industry and that requires a substantial amount investment in advanced CNC machines - which in turn means that cutting tools will be in great demand as well.”

“Before 2007 we were using more basic grinding machines but when we first learnt about ANCA's CNC machines we realised the technology would have great advantages. Firstly, the flexibility and secondly, the machines are easy to operate.”

“We have especially benefited from the software that satisfies our requirement to run a wide range of productions in small batches efficiently, enabling us to delight our customers. We also have ANCA’s Management Suite software that connects all our CNC machines in the production area. With this feature, I can remotely monitor and review the operational performance of each individual machine from anywhere, whether I am in the office or away on business trips.”



“Moreover, I can easily look at the status of my ANCA CNC machines, for example, statistics like its performance or the number of tasks it has processed. This ‘Smart Factory’ approach will define the future of manufacturing. As we know, the cost of labour has increased considerably in China over the past few years. During this period, industries must find ways to remain competitive in the market. Automated manufacturing is essential as it gives us the advantages of using less labour force, while ensuring that the quality of the products is maintained.”

“ANCA provides innovative technologies in our CNC machines that have helped to stimulate the growth of our production. An example is the linear motor technology, which was introduced a few years ago. The linear motor technology provides greater efficiency since it enables the machine to run at a higher speed while improving the quality of the grinding surface and ANCA’s polymer concrete technology delivers greater grinding stability.”

“For our company, the after-sales service support is very important as it ensures our production operates efficiently. ANCA CNC machines make up most of our manufacturing machines, so it’s important to us that someone from ANCA can respond to our service and support requests promptly.

The outstanding after-sales service has further strengthened our confidence in our relationship with ANCA CNC Machines,” Zhu concluded.