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Extending the life of your CNC grinder using Maintenance Notification Software

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As with a high performing vehicle, a regular program of preventative maintenance is essential for maximising the performance of your CNC tool and cutter grinder and reducing downtime. Over the long term this also ensures the longevity and return on investment for the customer by extending the lifecycle of the machine.

However, in today’s busy production environment even the most organised business may fall behind in their maintenance schedule. To make it as easy as possible for our customers, ANCA has developed a new software product called Maintenance Notification Software (MNS), available as an additional capability to our ToolRoom software suite at no extra cost.

MNS uses the principle of preventative maintenance rather than breakdown maintenance. Just like we service our automobiles regularly to avoid unexpected breakdowns, the MNS preventative maintenance program follows the same principle by avoiding those unexpected and disruptive unplanned machine issues.

Pop-up screen automatically notifies the user days in advance of a specific maintenance task


To notify the user that maintenance is required, a pop-up screen automatically appears days in advance of a specific task. Notifications contain a link to instruction manuals to make it easy to access the information the user needs, and to ensure the tasks are completed, the user logs into the system to record that the work has been done.

The MNS software is simple and easy to follow, enabling real time maintenance planning to reduce machine downtime and provide a more robust method of monitoring and recording past maintenance work.

Shows the expanded weekly service tasks


Key Customer Benefits:

  • Ensures that preventative maintenance occurs at required intervals.
  • Machine performance is sustained.
  • Machine lifecycle is extended through regular maintenance.
  • Enhances the efficiency and level of service from the machine.
  • Increase in machine uptime.
  • Provides user notifications to assist in the planning or service work and ordering spare parts.
  • Reduces the possibility of costly breakdowns.

MNS supports English, German and Chinese languages (other languages will be available in the future). When using MNS, log files are created and stored from the user’s input of maintenance tasks for reference purposes.


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5 November 2016